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SYSGO announces PikeOS 4.0 for IoT and Industry 4.0

SYSGO today announced the release of Version 4.0 of the Hypervisor PikeOS. PikeOS 4.0 is designed as a platform for technology change and gives manufacturers of smart systems access to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. To do so, PikeOS 4.0 uses the most modern virtualization technologies in hardware and software and focuses on new development as well as on the migration of existing applications. Support for industry-specific safety standards guarantee functional safety and IT Security, especially protection against unauthorized access, manipulation and espionage.

“What used to be embedded systems have become the building blocks for the Internet of Things. Software presents the biggest challenge for this change in technology,” said Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO. “PikeOS is the reliable platform for developing new applications and consolidating existing intelligent applications. It is also “Made in Europe” and in the context of current developments that additionally is quite convincing.”

Many Hypervisor functions, development tools and interfaces have been expanded and enhanced for PikeOS 4.0. Direct hardware access, shared use of graphic processors by multiple applications and access to the PikeOS file system from Linux, POSIX®, or APEX increase the performance and save resources. The PikeOS TrustZone Monitor is an enhancement to the ARM TrustZone that guarantees the protection of sensitive applications and machines against unauthorized access. The new features in detail:

The Hypervisor flexible System Architecture

The course taken with PikeOS 3.5 to add flexibility to the system architecture has been maintained. The use of hardware-based virtualization provides direct hardware access to guest operating systems for faster performance without the need for software modification.

Optimized use of Resources

Complex systems frequently offer multiple graphics applications that require access to a graphics processor. PikeOS assists with optimal resource distribution and utilization for graphic processors (GPU) and frame buffering with GPU sharing. The applications are managed via a server and distributed to any desired number of displays.

Normal vs. secure World

PikeOS Hypervisor offers a TrustZone Monitor for the ARM TrustZone that separates the application into a normal world and a secure world and assigns the corresponding CPU cores to them. Critical control functions can be separated from non-critical convenience applications and protected from each other.

Convenient Tools

The configuration of a virtualization platform with several operating system instances or partitions can be complex. The newly developed project configurator checks for inconsistencies during the development phase and simplifies the integration of the entire system. Projects can be easily defined with the help of reusable templates and distributed to the development groups. The configuration is transparent up to the partition level. The entire development tool chain is updated to GCC 4.8.

Latest Multi-Core Hardware

In the new version, PikeOS supports the ARM Cortex family and the Freescale QorIQ CPU family with Layerscape LS1 and the T series.


PikeOS4.0 will be available as of July 2015.

About PikeOS Hypervisor

PikeOS is a hypervisor intended for embedded systems with safety and security requirements. With real-time, virtualization and partitioning, it provides all the features needed to build today’s multi-functional and high-integrated devices. The PikeOS architecture creates a foundation for critical systems allowing official approval by the authorities in reference to safety and security standards. PikeOS is the only European software platform for smart devices in the Internet of Things.

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