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SYSGO brings secure Virtualization with PikeOS 3.0

SYSGO, the leading manufacturer of software for safety-critical applications, today announces version 3.0 of its secure virtualisation platform PikeOS. PikeOS 3.0 includes a new version of the Eclipse-based development environment CODEO, support for new architectures, DO-178 B certifiability and many other improvements.

"PikeOS has evolved very quickly in the market and today represents 62% of our sales revenue," explains Jacques Brygier, VP Marketing at SYSGO, "With version 3.0, we are once again focusing on meeting our customers' needs for security and flexibility. PikeOS 3.0 represents a new generation of our secure virtualisation platform and responds to the new demands for multi-core support, for the combined certification of both safety and security standards and for certified add-ons such as filesystems and IP stacks."

The range of features and functions of PikeOS 3.0 is unique and includes in detail:

  • Hard real-time combined with para-virtualisation;
  • Compliance with MILS architecture specifications;
  • New: further improvements to the modularity of the microkernel;
  • Hardware-independent partitioning model;
  • Further development of scheduling and timing schemes that can be changed "on the fly";
  • Support for tickerless timing;
  • Optimised memory generation
  • New: Support for ARM architectures;
  • New: Support for PowerPC e500 core architectures;
  • Integrated health monitor;
  • New: POSIX PSE-51 and PSE-52 optimised support for C7C++ applications;
  • New: CODEO 3.0, SYSGO's latest version of the Eclipse-based integrated development environment with tools for guided configuration, remote debugging (often down to the hardware instruction level), target system monitoring, remote application deployment, timing analysis and standard tools such as compiler and assembler;
  • Certifiability according to safety standards (DO-178 B, IEC 61508 and EN 50128);
  • Wide range of personalities (from ARINC-653 to full-user mode Linux);
  • New: Quota scheduling for POSIX applications.

Not just another Real-Time Operating System

With its combination of paravirtualisation and microkernel-based real-time operating system, PikeOS is a platform of the future. The virtualisation concept of PikeOS fulfils both the requirements for functional security in the Integrated Modular Avionic (IMA) and security according to MILS (Multiple Independent Level of Security). Virtualization enables several guest operating systems and runtime environments, so-called Personalities, to run together on one hardware.

PikeOS is the reference platform for several large EU research projects. The projects cover the topics of reliability (TECOM), multi-core support (JEOPARD), analysis and testing of new flight systems (SCARLETT), rapid design, prototyping and code generation (INTERESTED) and secure virtualisation in avionics (DIANA). In addition, SYSGO has been involved in the VerisoftXT research project for 3 years, which is concerned with the formal verification of the PikeOS microkernel according to Common Criteria EAL 7.


PikeOS 3.0 will be available in March 2009. Supported processor families include x86, PowerPC, MIPS and ARM. PikeOS supports Personalities such as PikeOS Native, ARINC 653, Linux, POSIX and OSEK as well as Personalities from partners such as Java, Ada, µITRON, CoDeSys, FidelityVCF and potentially any other operating system.

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