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SYSGO establishes Development Site in Rostock

With the opening of a subsidiary in Rostock, SYSGO AG is reacting to the increasing demand for PikeOS and related certification projects in safety-critical markets. The development site is to be expanded to 15 engineers over the next 18 months.

"Rostock offers very good conditions for high-tech companies," explains the new branch manager Jan Blumenthal. "Due to the proximity to the university, we get excellently trained software engineers for embedded systems."

One focus of economic development in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is the settlement of aviation companies in Rostock. With its support measures, the Hanseatic city wants to build on the former greatness of the aviation industry at the former Heinkel site.

With the development and certification of basic software for safety-critical applications in the aircraft, railway and automotive industries, SYSGO fits into the concept. "Without the support of the authorities, it would not have happened so quickly with the new branch," says Knut Degen, founder of SYSGO AG. "What was discussed in March 2008 as a joint project with the University of Rostock has grown into a new development site for PikeOS within 3 months."

About PikeOS

PikeOS is an innovative platform for embedded systems where multiple virtual machines run simultaneously in a protected environment. The secure virtualisation technology enables the use of multiple operating system APIs simultaneously on one hardware, e.g. a POSIX application together with Linux.

a POSIX application together with Linux. The PikeOS microkernel architecture allows it to be used in cost-sensitive applications with limited resources as well as in large, complex systems. The clarity and robustness of the PikeOS design provides real-time performance comparable to conventional real-time operating systems.

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