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SYSGO offers PikeOS for Freescale's MPC8379E

PikeOS RTOS & Hypervisor

SYSGO today announced the availability of a PikeOS Board Support Package(BSP) for Freescale's MPC8379EMDS. The board provides a Modular Development System (MDS) and is populated with the MPC8379E processor, a PowerQUICC II Pro communication processor based on the high performance power architecture of the e300 core.

"More and more applications require highly integrated and economical systems with high performance," explains Jacques Brygier, Vice President Marketing at SYSGO. "This new port for PikeOS is a response to customers who want to combine technical requirements for a high-performance network with fast access to archiving devices with a high level of flexibility and security."

PikeOS is an embedded systems platform that allows multiple virtual machines to run simultaneously in a protected environment. The secure virtualisation technology allows multiple operating system APIs to run simultaneously on one machine. PikeOS offers various personalities used in avionics such as POSIX including TCP/IP, Java and ARINC/APEX including a complete ARINC 653 scheduler. The use of PikeOS personalities enables a clear separation of applications in different partitions, so that the requirements of a multi-application system with applications of different criticality are met.

PikeOS has been ported to the MPC8379e processor on Freescale's MPC8379EMDS board. The highly integrated processor simplifies board design and provides a cost-efficient solution for critical applications such as network-based data archiving. "The innovative technology of PikeOS is an excellent fit for the capabilities of our PowerQUICC II Pro communications processor," said Katie Buttler, Marketing Manager at Freescale Semiconductor. "We are very pleased that SYSGO is making this cutting-edge technology available for avionics and other safety-related industrial applications."


The PikeOS port for Freescale's MPC837XEMDS board is available now. PikeOS is available for the three processor families x86, PowerPC and MIPS. PikeOS supports the PikeOS Native, ARINC-653, Linux, POSIX and OSEK personalities, as well as Java, Ada, µITRON, CoDeSys, VxWorks and FidelityVCF available from partners and third parties.

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PikeOS for MPU

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