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SYSGO now AG (Public Limited Company)

SYSGO AG - previously SYSGO Real-Time Solutions GmbH - was converted into a public limited company with retroactive effect from 01.01.2002. The previous managing directors Knut Degen, Robert Kaiser and Detlev Schaadt were appointed to the board of directors. At the same time, Jens Alsleben, responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, was recruited as Chief Financial Officer.

The overall economic situation of the last two years has strengthened SYSGO against the trend. In particular, the use of Linux in the embedded market developed very positively.

Still self-financed, SYSGO is now faced with the task of strategically aligning itself for the future. "The change of name to SYSGO AG was the first milestone for us on our way to becoming the European market leader in the embedded software market", Jens Alsleben explains the step. "It opens up the possibility of integrating strategic partners into our company, who will accompany us closely with their international experience and know-how in the coming years."

Company Profile SYSGO AG

SYSGO AG was founded in Mainz in 1991 with an initial staff of 3. The company employs more than 40 people and has 4 locations in Germany. In October 2002, SYSGO was converted into a public limited company.

The aim of the business activity is the provision of special services for the development of so-called embedded systems, i.e. complex electronic devices that have their own processors and associated operating systems. With over 40 employees, SYSGO has more than 200 man-years of experience with the Linux operating system in the embedded field. SYSGO sees itself as a competent development partner for manufacturers of embedded systems and offers not only the distribution of the operating system but also the associated support. Since March 2000, SYSGO has been a member of the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) and, together with I BM, Motorola and other companies, is pushing the spread of Linux in the market for embedded systems. In the L.I.V.E. Linux Association, SYSGO has been supporting the preservation of free availability and the promotion of the commercial use of Linux together with other well-known companies since September 2001. With ELinOS, SYSGO offers a development environment for Linux specially tailored to the requirements of embedded systems and supports manufacturers in the migration and implementation of their products.

SYSGO's customers include DaimlerChrysler, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, Rohde&Schwarz, Siemens and VDO.

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