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SYSGO's PikeOS celebrates World Premiere in Multi-Core Certification

SYSGO announces the world's first SIL 4 certification of real-time operating systems on multi-core processors for PikeOS. The certification of PikeOS according to EN 50128, carried out by TÜV-SÜD, opens up the full performance of multi-core processors for railway technology applications with the highest safety requirements.

The omnipresent multi-core processors always use only one core in safety-critical applications, because the complexity of the hardware and its lack of determinism have not allowed certification according to high safety requirement levels so far. Thanks to its consistently modular design, PikeOS has succeeded in achieving EN 50128 SIL 4 certification on multi-core systems (including SIL 4 certification of IOMMU) for the first time. Operating system vendors in particular have long attempted to solve these problems in order to allow manufacturers of safety-critical applications to tap into the power of today's multi-core processors.

SIL 4 certification was achieved in the context of a current railway project at TÜV-SÜD, in which PikeOS 3.4 is used on a VX3035 board from Kontron with an Intel i7 processor. The name of the customer as well as the technical procedure in this project are subject to a non-disclosure agreement. However, the structure of PikeOS remained unchanged to ensure the necessary determinism on the dual-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor.

"We are delighted to be part of this world premiere," says Robert Negre, head of the RAIL business unit at Kontron. "Our collaboration with SYSGO has always been successful, but the SIL 4 certification of PikeOS on our VX3035 board further enhances the competitiveness of our joint offering for all safety-critical markets."

SYSGO is the world's only supplier of a SIL 4 certified real-time operating system for multi-core processors. The company is working on certifying multi-core based systems for other industries as well.

About PikeOS

PikeOS is a real-time operating system that provides virtualisation for embedded systems. It allows multiple virtual instances to run simultaneously in a protected environment on a single piece of hardware. PikeOS was developed especially for use in safety-critical applications. Based on a microkernel, PikeOS offers guest operating systems, runtime environments and APIs such as PikeOS Native, POSIX, Certified POSIX, ARINC 653, Linux, Android, RTEMS, AUTOSAR, iTRON etc. PikeOS projects are certifiable to safety-critical standards such as DO-178 B/C, IEC 61508, EN 50128, IEC 62304, ISO 26262, MILS, CC EAL. PikeOS can be used in cost-sensitive applications with limited resources as well as in large, complex systems. The consistent modular design delivers the same performance as conventional real-time operating systems with increased overall system security.

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