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PikeOS for MPU 1.1 released

PikeOS, Space

PikeOS for MPU provides a safe and secure execution environment for medium-sized hardware platforms which do not provide a Memory Management Unit (MMU) and therefore cannot run the standard PikeOS RTOS. PikeOS for MPU is intended to be used on MPU-based SoCs as well as on heterogeneous SoC implementing MMU and MPU clusters.

The new PikeOS for MPU 1.1 release is now available and includes these bug fixes and improvements:

Integration with CODEO 7.4

  • and corresponding new licensing server
  • PikeOS for MPU 1.1 is now only supported by CODEO 7.4 including the new licensing server LMX 5
  • See also the CODEO webpage for improvements and other features (e.g.: Memory Map Tool)


  • Removed obsolete and MMU related entries in the VMIT
  • Updated to GCC 11.3.0
  • Utilizing Low Latency Scratchpad Memory
  • Splitting an application in multiple memory segments
  • Added a tool for MPU region optimization, especially for ARMv7R

DAHLIA NG-Ultra PSP-specific Changes

  • Support for the latest DAHLIA NG-Ultra (SoC) suitable for Space applications and its ARM-R52 cores
  • Variable DDR RAM size added
    • The size of the used DDR Ram can be configured statically in the integration project

  • OBT Support added
    • Additional timer implementation in FPGA enables scheduler synchronization of major time frames on multiple cores

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