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LoLiPoP IoT: Revolutionizing IoT with Embedded Software Expertise

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SYSGO participated at the kick-off meeting in Prague of the LoLiPoP IoT Horizon Europe project. LoLiPoP IoT stands for "Long Life Power Platforms for Internet of Things" and marks a significant milestone in the field of embedded software and IoT innovation. The project is an ambitious initiative that brings together a talented team, cutting-edge technologies, and esteemed partners to develop game-changing solutions in the wireless sensor network (WSN) domain. With a focus on retrofitting IoT applications, LoLiPoP aims to revolutionize asset tracking, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance across industries such as industry 4.0, smart mobility, and energy-efficient buildings.

The Power of Embedded Software

At the heart of project LoLiPoP IoT lies the pivotal role of embedded software in shaping the future of IoT applications. Our team at SYSGO possesses extensive experience and deep knowledge in developing robust, secure, and efficient embedded software solutions. With LoLiPoP IoT, we aim to push the boundaries of what is possible by leveraging our expertise to create innovative algorithms and platforms that extend the lifespan, enhance power efficiency, and elevate the performance of wireless sensor networks.

LoLiPoP's core mission revolves around retrofitting wireless sensor network modules within existing IoT infrastructures. By seamlessly integrating our cutting-edge technologies and algorithms into these modules, we enable real-time asset tracking, comprehensive condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance capabilities. This transformative approach empowers businesses across various sectors to optimize their operations, reduce downtime, and make data-driven decisions for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

SYSGO's Vision for the Future

SYSGO is committed to materialize a smart, safe, secure gateway with power saving capabilities. The gateway will connect over multiple protocols and media with multiple heterogeneous sensors at the edge. The sensors are harvesting energy so they are constrained. SYSGO will closely cooperate with other project partners, such as Fraunhofer IIS, Infineon Technologies, Cognitechna, Swiss Airtainer SA, TH Nurmenberg, Tyndall, Imec, Yongatek and many others. This partnership brings together a wealth of expertise, fostering a collaborative environment that fuels innovation and propels us toward groundbreaking advancements.

SYSGO is gathering substantial applied knowledge in smart gateways, especially in the area of combining heterogeneous devices, protocols, security aspects and priorities, and technical implementation challenges.

As the LoLiPoP IoT project progresses, we are looking forward to a journey that will shape the future of industries, empowering businesses to embrace the full potential of IoT technologies. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the LoLiPoP IoT project and follow our journey as we explore new frontiers, overcome challenges, and unlock the true potential of IoT through the lens of embedded software expertise. Together, we will pave the way for a smarter, more interconnected future.

LoLiPoP IoT Project Information

Grant agreement ID: 101112286

Start date: 1 June 2023

End date: 31 May 2026

Funded under: Digital, Industry and Space

Total cost: € 24 973 484,51

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