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The annual DASIA (DATA SYSTEMS IN AEROSPACE) Conference, organized by Eurospace, again gathered many space data systems specialists, spanning over three eventful days in the beautiful city of Sitges, Spain. The event is the premier platform for presentations, workshops, panels, and discussions, offering invaluable networking opportunities for professionals in the space community. With a focus on hardware and software for space and aircraft systems, as well as systems in other domains with similar reliability and complexity requirements, DASIA has become a pivotal event for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

At our SYSGO booth, attendees had the chance to explore our Avionics Demonstrator: A collaboration between SYSGO, RTI, Ansys, and Xilinx. This demonstrator showcased a software architecture designed to mitigate integration and certification risks, while expediting time-to-market and deployment of secure, safety-critical systems. Powered by SYSGO's PikeOS, the Avionics Demonstrator ran seamlessly on both ARM Cortex A53 (MMU) and R5 (MPU) cores, exemplifying the versatility and robustness of SYSGO's solutions.

Many thanks to all the great people we met and the technical talks. We definitely see that the Space market is moving to multi-core where hypervisors can be a better solution than real-time operating systems. PikeOS and PikeOS for MPU will be ideal for that.

SYSGO Presentation

Additionally, our expert team delivered an insightful presentation during the conference's COTS Evaluation & Implementation session. Titled "Use of Heterogeneous Computing Systems and Partitioned Operating Systems in Space Applications," the presentation shed light on the growing demand for integration and miniaturization in space systems, particularly in nano and picosatellite constellations. It explored how the combined utilization of MMU and MPU-based partitioned real-time operating systems on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) heterogeneous computing platforms contributes to enhanced integration, improved size, weight, and power (SWaP) characteristics, and cost reduction.

The DASIA Conference served as a significant platform for industry professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss emerging trends, and foster cross-domain collaborations. The event's emphasis on cross-domain topics, encompassing transport, communications, navigation, energy, remote sensing, robotics, and automation, provided attendees with a holistic perspective on the advancements and challenges within the aerospace and related sectors.

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