Company Profile


Company Profile

Embedded Technologies for a Safe & Secure connected Future.

SYSGO is the leading European provider of real-time operating systems for critical embedded applications. Our products have been designed to meet the highest requirements when it comes to Safety and Security. Our customers are leading players in the Avionics & Defense, Space, Railway, Automotive and Industrial Automation and Medical industries, who use our PikeOS product as a platform for critical systems that need to be certified against industry-specific Safety and Security standards.

Our Vision

SYSGO is a global leader in embedded software solutions, innovating safe and secure systems for a connected world - certifiable whenever needed.

Our Mission

As a trusted advisor, we support our customers with leading edge technologies and services in the accomplishment of their corporate goals.

  • Being at the forefront of safety and security trends
  • Demonstrating excellence in delivering innovative and competitive solutions
  • Fostering our employees’ team work and creativity
  • Anticipate market changes to enable disruptive solutions
  • Develop a strong ecosystem serving our customers’ needs

What you should know about SYSGO

Seven reasons why SYSGO is your supplier for safe and secure software and services in the embedded market:

1. Europe's No1

SYSGO is the leading European software company for embedded operating systems. Since 1991 we develop software and services for mission-critical devices in Aerospace & Defense, Railway or Automotive. Our solution is full hardware-independent. This helps our customers increase flexibility and reduce time-to-market for their products. 

2. Embedded Virtualization

We provide embedded virtualization supporting time and space separation, so that engineers can combine multiple applications on one hardware platform in a safe and secure environment. Via mixed-criticality in our certified hypervisor customers can choose between different domain-specific Guest OS - like POSIX® cert, AUTOSAR or ARINC 653. Additionally, general purpose OS such as PikeOS RTOS, Linux or POSIX® can be added. Customers will benefit from less space, weight, and power leading to reduce costs, time and energy consumption.

3. Real-Time and Linux

We are experts in real-time based use-cases and provide PikeOS, the most advanced hard RTOS on the market since 2006. We also offer ELinOS, for Linux-based applications, and AFDX for fast and safe communication. Customers also profit from our deep knowledge about system software.

4. Safety & Security

We focus on Safety- and Security-critical applications in Avionics & Defense, Space, Railway & Transportation, Automotive, Industrial Automation and Medical & Healthcare. With PikeOS we provide a platform that is ready for Safety and Security certification. Devices will be safe and protected against malicious attacks.

5. Certificates & Standards

We have designed PikeOS from scratch for mission-critical projects with highest certification requirements according to various Safety and Security standards like DO-178B/C, IEC 61508, EN 50128, ISO 26262 or Common Criteria. We help our customers with relevant PikeOS certification data, evidences and additional support to use PikeOS and build up safe and secure systems and to certify their systems successfully.

6. Performance & Multi-Core

We support different hardware architectures including multi-core processors and, by means of virtualization, make optimal use of the hardware resources given. Various applications will benefit from better performance and stability.

7. Reliable Services & Partners

We are specialists in providing reliable services and tools like CODEO for intelligent products and support these over a life-time of more than 25 years. As an European company all our services and solutions are ITAR free - without any export restriction. We have a wide partner eco-system and close cooperation with leading technology companies world-wide.