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Autonomous Driving Safety Concepts

Autonomous Driving & Safety Concepts

Events & Webcasts, Automotive

Hello from the safetronic conference that has started in Stuttgart this morning. Autonomous driving and safety concepts regarding the ISO 26262 are the main topics here.

More topics:

  • Best practice for successful technical implementations
  • Driver assistance systems and autonomous driving
  • Potential solutions for Safety & Security

Sven Nordhoff, Director Certification at SYSGO, will give a talk on Wednesday November 9, 11:50 – 12:30:
"Ensure Safety & Security with the usage of an operating system with segregation kernel as »Safety Element out of Context« (SEooC)"

Come to the SYSGO booth and learn how our RTOS and hypervisor PikeOS can manage automotive complexity with safe & secure virtualization.

We are also addressing that topic in one of our whitepapers “Safe and Secure Automotive Platform”.

Download the whitepaper at