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carIT Kongress: The Future of the Automotive Industry

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Photo: E. Frickenstein, Head of Autonomous Driving, BMW

Once again, the carIT Kongress presented the current topics of the automotive industry, such as networking, electrification and autonomous driving, from different perspectives in an impressive way, also controversially, with outstanding speakers. The future of the automobile will be characterised by a complex mobility ecosystem in which numerous players will struggle to find the right business model.

It was informative and surprising. I was pleased to have the opportunity to talk to Elmar Frickenstein (BMW) and Dr. Thomas M. Müller (Audi) on the sidelines of the event right after Mr. Frickenstein's great presentation. He informed us that BMW will make its development for autonomous driving more and more agile - the V-model with its processes is too slow for the upcoming SW life cycles. The effects on the release process and any necessary certifications are currently being clarified.

Dr Müller's clear statement that the current EE vehicle infrastructure in the vehicle can no longer meet the new requirements for data throughput, interoperability and new features was also surprising. For me, this is a substantive confirmation of our cooperation with the Swiss start-up OSR Enterprises, which, with its new HW / SW platform Evolver - AI Brain, addresses precisely the point of a new optimised HW and SW structure in the automobile and shows a path "revolution by evolution", how future automotive platforms should look and how to get there.

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