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Cloud Solutions: SYSGO in IPCEI-CIS Program

R&T Projects, Safety

SYSGO is proud to be an active member of IPCEI-CIS (Cloud Infrastructure & Services) with partial funding support from German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) gracefully acknowledged.

SYSGO prototypes a middleware for Cloud-distributed applications with safety requirements, on multiple distributed replicas, including an open-source reference (containerizable) implementation of an API for such setups (concretely, railway OCORA PI API - Read the Document), demonstration of provision of (hypervised) safety-compute platform for mixed-critical system(s) and demonstration on track-side.


The networking of safety-critical systems in the rail sector, for example in signal processing in rail network or data processing in rail vehicles, requires the use of intelligent and therefore safe and functional connectivity platforms, such as Cloud services, among others. This is where the SuzECK project comes in by creating a safe computing platform (SCP). A platform-independent application programming interface (PI API) is planned between safety-relevant areas in the rail sector and Cloud and Edge applications. This creates a safety layer and supports portability between applications from different providers. The safe computing platform is supported by a functional open source reference implementation and other proprietary safety adaptations. The project is based on the SCP PI standard, which was developed in collaboration with European railroads (Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland).
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We enjoy working with many partners from a broad range of industries: The photo was taken at the national kickoff event in Berlin on 30-31 January, showing SYSGO's Holger Blasum presenting results of a joint brainstorming at a breakout session.


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