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ELinOS 7.1.1 Feature List

ELinOS, Linux

Disk Encryption

  • Single partition or full disk encryption support
  • Filesystem independent
  • Automatically unlock and mount encrypted volumes
  • Based on Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) to encrypt a block device

Secure Boot on x86 and uefi64 Boot Strategy

  • Support for creating UEFI BIOS compatible boot images with digital signature
  • Provide UEFI secure boot signing host tool
  • Separate boot loader like grub not required

New Feature for kdump and kexec

  • Integrates kexec to allow booting a new Linux kernel from the running one
  • Bootloader is not involved
  • Useful for system updates when a separate kernel and root file system shall be used
  • Add kdump feature to easily debug a crashed Linux kernel

BSP Updates

  • 64bit support for the Freescale T1040RDB board
  • VirtIO input device support for QEMU x86 BSP
  • WAN support in NXP QorIQ T1040 and LS1043ardb boards

Minor Features

  • New feature for systemd nameserver resolver
  • Simplify import/export of ELinOS projects
  • Add systemd emergency shell feature
  • Add support for Debian/Ubuntu x86_64 binaries
  • New feature to configure the initramfs disk size
  • QML support for Qt Linguist host tool on Linux

Bug and Security Fixes

  • Linux kernel security update to 5.10.165
  • 48 packages have been updated to fix the latest security issues
  • More than 350 security related CVEs fixed
  • Kernel memory protection on P4Linux ARM SMP