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Startup Autobahn Platform

EXPO Day event of the Startup Autobahn Platform Initiative

On July 25th we had the pleasure to attend the EXPO Day event of the Startup Autobahn platform initiative in Stuttgart, Germany. There were many awesome presentations and I was very impressed with the quality of topics, the event attendance and the innovation spirit that came through 28 start-up companies showcasing their demos in the field of automotive application. There were technologies from connectivity to security and from artificial intelligence to smart manufacturing for embedded devices, cloud systems or Web applications.

Up to 50 pilot projects were exposed as a result of a tremendous engineering effort between the start-ups and the major corporate automotive partners done for the last months. The partners, such as Daimler, Porsche or BASF sponsored the start-ups and showed commitment, allocated resources and moderated projects internally. Previously a total of 13 start-ups engaged in 15 pilot projects with Daimler alone, which was a big success. Now it’s even more. This gives a silicon valley spirit in Stuttgart.

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