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Impressions of the ELIV Congress

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The overall topic within the last 2 days has been connectivity. Vehicles of the future, cars and trucks, will be connected in many ways. We will see advantages in fleet management, fuel saving and of course reduced maintenance costs. However, with the new opportunities comes the risk of cyber attacks. Quite impressive the amount of new technologies which will change the entire landscape of the market, the business models and OEM / TIER 1 relationship.

The high demand on calculation power was all over the place visible. One of the presenters mentioned applications using up to 8 GPU’s with 4 to 5 instances used for LiDAR sensors and cameras.

As example, a car driving with 50km/h and a camera with 60 Frames per second will have a resolution of 23cm per Frame. Multiple this by 4 cameras you will end up with 240 Frames per second. The analysis of each Frame will require strong parallalization of the algorithms.

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