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InnoTrans 2016 – "Ich bin ein Bohemian"

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By Jan Rollo, Legal Entity General Manager of SYSGO s.r.o

Returning from InnoTrans 2016 to Prague today I was pointed to the post of my colleague in our SYSGO blog. I feel, I need to contribute here with my experience from the battle field. Walking through the halls I was searching for any proven security solution bridging the gap between several connected control systems with a high assurance level.

Are you really asking me WHY?

Many talks I had with partners and PikeOS users in the Czech Republic during the last months were quite different from topics we held in previous periods. Starting from 2005 we have been covering a couple of safety critical projects on powerful processing units using our domains separation approach. Successfully. SYSGO has reached the SIL4 level for railway electronics (EN 50128) with different CPU architectures. Including newest multicore processors.


For SYSGO a routine. Closed systems, static configuration, no pressure to permanent updates. Now it comes. IoT and IIoT are approaching the transportation market. Nowadays every transportation operator, municipal authority, OEM or system integrator would like to be ready.

But how to proceed on connected critical Systems?

Security requires a special “armament”. The cyber threats are a moving target requiring fast reactions… On systems which should not be changed otherwise it loses the right for operation…

Is it really feasible?

I guess yes. Czech railway control system provider UniControls a.s. has invented a smart system architecture relying on SYSGO’s PikeOS covering all railway or metropolitan control levels not forgetting the required grade of automation. Aware of the functional safety requirements UniControls now starts to implement the cyber security features to its UniSmart Line product components focusing on a future Common Criteria evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408). Using PikeOS Multiple Independent Level of Security (MILS) concept built in the partitioning operating system kernel and a smart system architecture they are on the right track. I found their booth in hall 6.2.

It seems the company is celebrating 25 years’ anniversary. The same age SYSGO is celebrating this year. One of the reasons we speak the same language even if Berlin is not Prague.

Involving certification and security authorities SYSGO with UniControls will bring a security aware safety platform to rail soon. 

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