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S3P smart safe and secure

Not enough to be Smart: Let's be safe and secure!

IoT, R&T Projects

If IoT is now a term that almost everybody knows, far beyond the community of industry professionals, the reality behind it remains different depending on where you are from, who you are and what you expect as benefits.  A big question for solution suppliers in this domain is how to find the right balance between being generic enough to offer reasonable cost and to facilitate emerging official or market standards, and addressing in the most appropriate way specific needs in terms of performance and functionality.

There are big battles going on between hardware and/or software suppliers in the area of exploiting big data generated by connected objects in order to generate new services and business models. There is also a piece of the IoT puzzle that is just as important, if not more important: how to implement the embedded part of the IoT, that is how to build the devices and corresponding infrastructure that actually make the usage of the device (connected object) useful, efficient, and supporting the related big data strategy?

This is the rationale of the S3P project, initiated in France but aiming at the European industry and hopefully attracting potential players worldwide. The objectives of S3P are ambitious but they fulfil a need in the current landscape of solutions. The S3P Platform is a set of software building blocks (embedded software and development tools) that provide the foundation to develop a large range of applications for a Smart, Safe ,and Secure IoT.

Besides offering a high level of safety and security, the choice of the primary software components has been made to:

• Fulfil actual industrial and consumer use case requirements
• Promote re-usability through a modular system approach
• Lower costs of implementation
• Remain open to existing or future market standards

S3P is not “yet another platform” per se. Rather, we are taking with S3P a pragmatic, bottom-up and use-case driven approach. We are starting with existing commercial products, and are looking through the different use cases to identify the combinations providing the best answer for each use case.
This approach fosters the development of re-usable integration between the technology providers to better serve the needs of their customers. From this angle, S3P is a new way of addressing IoT application implementation.

An innovative and field-proven approach has always been the motto of SYSGO. So no wonder that SYSGO is one of the technological leaders of this project. With our experience of addressing safety and security applications, SYSGO can bring many advantages to the players of the IIoT (Industrial IoT), combining certification expertise with flexibility and scalability required in this new world of connected equipment thanks to our certified hypervisor, PikeOS. Our customers have already identified the value of our solutions. The extension of a tightly integrated ecosystem around PikeOS that will be provided by the S3P project is definitely a way for them to secure their current investment and design their future products with confidence.

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