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PikeOS ISO 26262 SEooC Concept

PikeOS using ISO 26262 SEooC Concepts

Events & Webcasts, Automotive

For the 15th time, the industry magazine HANSER automotive presents the international “safetronic – Safe Software and Hardware in the Automobile” trade fair in Stuttgart on November 8 and 9, 2016. On Wednesday, November 9, I will give a lecture on “Safety & Security when using an operating system with a segregation kernel as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC)”.

The lecture will give an overview on how to integrate PikeOS in the automotive sector using ISO 26262 SEooC concepts. In safety-critical environments, the principle of partitioning and separation of software from different safety integrity levels on a central hardware platform is still relatively new. This technique can be implemented by means of a real-time operating system with segregation kernel. Operating systems are offered today in general as so-called “COTS” software.

The ISO 26262 introduces this kind of software as “Safety element out of context” (SEooC) and defines the necessary measures to integrate SEooC into a system. The approval of functional safety can only be done in conjunction with the other software, hardware and system providers. In this lecture, the challenges and approval methods for a safe & secure operating system with segregation kernel as SEooC will be presented. In addition to the functional safety up to ASIL D also an approval of IT Security up to Common Criteria EAL 5/6 can be supported.

The lecture focuses on the following core issues:

  • What is a segregation kernel?
  • Purpose & usage
  • Separation of different safety integrity levels on one HW platform
  • Requirements of ISO 26262 about SEooC
  • Safety & Security approval strategies for an SEooC
  • Necessary tasks for SEooC-, software-, hardware-providers and systems integrator, OEMs
  • Summary

I would be happy to meet you in person in Stuttgart beginning of November.

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