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DDOS Attack on IoT Devices

Record-breaking DDoS Attack, powered by IoT Devices

IoT, Security

I have my own version of a Monty Python lyric:
“There’s 23 billion of them in the world today,
You’d better learn to watch them, that’s what I say.“

And that’s no fantasy, it is already reality. Today sees reports of a „record-breaking DDoS reportedly delivered by >145k hacked cameras“ with 1.1 Terabits per second. Maybe the same IoT botnet that last week also exceeded the capabilities of the leading anti-DDoS-service Akamai and brought down the website of the security journalist Brian Krebs.

Internet connection is a sexy feature and helps to sell. But there are many vendors who go for quick money and neglect a proper investment in security hardening their devices. These underestimate, or maybe decide to ignore, the damage that criminals can do to the internet and other internet users by turning tremendous numbers of IoT devices into malicious botnets.

If you are developing an IoT device, better take care that you are not putting potential botnet zombies into the wild. If you have questions on how to harden your IoT devices against security attacks, feel free to talk to SYSGO. We have the fitting tool, PikeOS, and can help you to design your devices for safety as well as security.

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