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Review: embedded world 2020

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Following the motto “I have Five” we have presented the latest version 5.0 of our real-time operating system PikeOS. PikeOS 5 is addressing the

  • Highest levels in Safety & Security
  • Deterministic real-time performance
  • Efficient use of multi-core architectures
  • Faster time-to-market
  • User-centric IDE

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Joint Solutions (Demos) at the SYSGO Booth

For the embedded world trade show three demonstrator setups have been developed in cooperation with our partners:

  • For automotive customers we have displayed the new Secure Automotive Connectivity Platform (SACoP).
  • For safety-critical railway solutions we have presented the SAFe-VX system, which was developed jointly with Kontron.
  • And for avionic visitors we have shown a “Mixed-Criticality Application System” based on a Curtiss-Wright system.

SACoP is a fully integrated software framework for secure data exchange in networked vehicles
The platform assures security by protecting data transfer through strict encapsulation and separation of all communication channels. The partitioning concept is complemented by a secure boot process, an integrated intrusion detection system and a firewall. The platform uses the hypervisor technology of PikeOS, which allows to run critical and non-critical infrastructures simultaneously on the same system. It is pre-certified according to the Common Criteria EAL3+ security standard and the ISO 26262 safety standard for the automotive industry. This allows to reduce the hardware requirements to a single system when defining the architecture, which reduces development and production costs and accelerates the market launch. The demo of the SACoP platform comes with an STM Telemaco3P processor and an R-CAR H3 board from Renesas. The demonstrator communicates with the outside world via a gateway that supports various protocols and enables a variety of applications such as over-the-air updates, V2X communication, connectivity to the cloud backend or upload of maintenance data.

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COTS hardware from Kontron has been used as a basis for the railway demonstration 
The SAFe-VX rail platform was developed in cooperation with Kontron. It is based on Kontron’s proven COTS hardware and runs under SYSGO’s PikeOS. SAFe-VX allows the user to quickly migrate to a SIL-4 certifiable system to meet IEC 61508 standards for electronic systems. With its flexible and modular VPX-based architecture and certification kit, the safety computing platform enables faster time to market and a significant reduction in total cost of ownership. The SAFe-VX systems in the compact half 19” 4U format are particularly suitable for controlling safety-critical rail applications, whether in rolling stock or on the station/railway side, as they can be used in wide temperature ranges and harsh environments and comply with EMC/EMI standards. They are also shock and vibration resistant. Thanks to its modularity, SAFe-VX is easy to customize and can be easily adapted to the desired I/O subsets in different applications.

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Last but not least there was the a certifiable avionics demonstrator, in which the hypervisor of PikeOS was set up as a mixed-criticality application system (POSIX, ARINC 653, Native). This demonstrator is based on a genuine Avionics ecosystem: PikeOS is running on the Curtiss-Wright VPX3-133 3U SBC. Graphic applications have been developed by using ANSYS SCADE DISPLAY and CoreAVI OpenGL SC has been ported to PikeOS in order to demonstrate certifiable Avionics flight displays.

Presentation at embedded world congress

At the embedded world congress Jose Almeida (Director Automotive Business Line) held a speech about “Using Hypervisor Technology to Secure Automotive Connectivity”.

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