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Seamless IoT Protection: How to make connected Gateways secure

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The electronic systems inside a modern car are able to take control over critical systems, such as the steering and braking gear. However, these systems are more and more connected as the complexity of autonomous cars is increasing. This has an impact on the Safety during the car’s operation, but at the same time exposes the risk of unauthorised access. As a consequence, the Safety of a vehicle must be accompanied by Security measures.

Together with Karamba Security, SYSGO has introduced an Automotive connectivity platform that can be used as secure gateway, protected – amongst others – by means of Karamba’s Automotive Control Flow Integrity (CFI) technology. The underlying operating system is SYSGO’s PikeOS RTOS and Hypervisor.

During the demonstration we showcase

  • how Karamba’s CFI integrates seamlessly with SYSGO’s PikeOS
  • how this technology can easily be enabled in a granular way from within SYSGO’s CODEO IDE
  • and a hacking attempt that failed due to the protection by means of Karamba’s CFI

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