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Whitepaper Secure Boot

Secure Boot: Secure your Software and intellectual Property

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the backbone for Industry 4.0 and means seamless communication between all connected devices. Connectivity requires Security, because the vulnerability of a communication channel can end in malfunction of a device or theft of intellectual property. Using standard Security means (firewalls, cryptography, antivirus/antimalware software) is a first step to make your IoT devices more secure, but these Security means are not easily applicable to industrial systems, because they need updating, maintenance via remote access and they might not be available for the OS in use or the processor architecture.

There is another level of system vulnerability, which cannot be addressed by the above described security methods. A modification of the firmware offers a lot of advantages for hackers, because this kind of modification are not
detectable by virus scanners, nor are they eliminated by changing/updating the operating system or application.

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