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DASIA is one of the premier European conferences on space and this year we had contributed to two presentations.

The presentation "Use of Multiple Independent Levels of Security and Safety (MILS) architecture for space on memory protection unit (MPU)-based systems" talked yout the joint work with Airbus Defence and Space, Thales Alenia Space and the European Space Agency in the joint project "Cybersecurity by Design for Mixed Criticality Embedded Systems" on using an MPU-based system. We have presented MILS systems in general, then the porting of our separation kernel to MPU, and the current state of the approach to cybersecurity certification for space.

SYSGO has also contributed to a second paper presented at DASIA, together with TTTech, Airbus and University of Rostock on "Time-Sensitive Network-Centric Data Handling System Architecture". This paper describes a network-centric IMA (integrated modular avionics) approach for aerospace. We have contributed to the description of software aspects, i.e. how applications with different safety criticality can be executed on an IMA module without jeopardizing the functionallity of each application as well as the complete system. Moreover, we describe how an IMA system can integrate a trusted TSN driver, which defines interfaces to defined traffic classes to clients and enforces bandwidth control for the different network classes. The paper also describes use cases on satellites, aircraft cabin management and UAVs. 

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DASIA is an annual conference organised by Eurospace since 1996. It gathers space data systems specialists over 3 days for presentations, workshops/panels and discussion. It provides opportunities for exhibitors and networking. DASIA is an important event in the
space community.