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SYSGO @ RISC-V Summit Europe 2023

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Unleashing Europe's Computing Innovation

The RISC-V Summit Europe 2023, held from 5th to 9th June in Barcelona, brought together the European tech industry's visionaries, researchers, government representatives, and academia to shape the future of computing innovation on the RISC-V open standard instruction set architecture. This premier event in Europe showcased the central role the European Union plays in driving RISC-V's success, with a thriving community that encompasses one-third of RISC-V's global reach.

Throughout the week, attendees had the opportunity to explore the dynamic landscape of commercial and research applications of RISC-V. The conference featured keynotes, talks, and presentations. Industry leaders and researchers showcased their latest developments, demonstrating the diverse applications of RISC-V across various sectors. A demo theatre complemented the exhibition, offering additional insights and discussions, while poster sessions encouraged networking and interaction.

European critical markets, including automotive, high-performance computing, data centers, aerospace, embedded systems, AI/ML, and security, took center stage during the event allowing the attendees to gain valuable insights into the European market's specific needs and challenges.

The academic sessions featured talks from the call for submissions, ensuring a diverse range of research and scholarly contributions. These sessions provided a platform for academics to share their discoveries, insights, and breakthroughs in RISC-V-related areas.

SYSGO becoming Part of the Family

The RISC-V summit was an unmissable opportunity for SYSGO to be at the forefront of European computing innovation. Together with industry partners, academia, government, and research communities we embraced the new possibilities of RISC-V.

A big thank you to the venue organization and all the inspiring and insightful talks we had! We got to know organizations, universities and companies such as the OpenHW Group, Thales, and Microchip. We are looking forward to continued growth, innovation, and collaboration within the European computing ecosystem to drive innovations and shape the future. 

Also, we were delighted that SYSGO was already mentioned in so many presentations of our customers and partners when it comes to real-time operating systems and our role of security solutions in the industry. There were also several aspects regarding safety and security we spoke about and how we in the working group are a benefit for the industry.

We cannot wait to join the next RISC-V summit, where the designers and innovators of European computing will gather once again!