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Vector and SYSGO join Forces

Vector and SYSGO join Forces for AUTOSAR Adaptive

SYSGO, Automotive

Embedded software is in the focus of the joint venture between Vector and SYSGO for autonomous driving (Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH)

We are happy to announce the foundation of a joint venture with Vector Informatik – specialist for embedded systems with long-term expertise in developing secure AUTOSAR basic software according to ISO 26262.

With Vector’s experience and our safety and security expertise we will provide ECU developers with an ideal solution for the new generation of high-performance ECUs based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Standard. Control units for automated driving, multifunctional application servers and infotainment systems use the new AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform as a future-proof standard.

The joint development supports ISO 26262 requirements up to ASIL D as well as functions such as fast booting and modern security measures against unauthorized access.

In future, the combination of the AUTOSAR Adaptive basic software MICROSAR and our real-time operating system PikeOS will be offered as part of the Vector AUTOSAR portfolio and by Vector worldwide. Thus, we provide developers with an optimally coordinated solution from a single source.

For all the details on the joint venture, please have a look at our Press Release.