Extended Product Lifetime

Our technical solutions and products are designed for running in long term applications and latest hardware with excellent extended support if needed.
For standard products like PikeOS, SYSGO is performing continuous product development following the product roadmap as well as error corrections and feature enhancements. We provide regular product releases and updates to our customers as described in our roadmap.

Hardware Software Obsolescence

Hardware and Software Obsolescence

The production of long-lived applications is affected by discontinuation of hardware and software. As hardware is upgraded, certain functionalities may be deprecated while new functionalities become available. E.g. Semiconductor manufacturers update their CPUs and chip sets every 3 to 5 years on average, and then launch more advanced and complex components.

Manufacturers of embedded devices often have long product life cycles of 3 to 30 years depending on the industry. These manufacturers have massive problems to obtain the required components or software support over such a long period of time, which applies primarily to industrial sectors like Avionics, Space or Defense.

Decoupling ASP PSP

Easy Porting to a new Hardware Platform

The optimised PikeOS microkernel manages partitions and enforces scheduling. The microkernel includes the Architecture Support Package (ASP), which defines the architecture-specific attributes of the CPU, and the Platform Support Package (PSP), which refers to the board-specific attributes of the hardware.

Thanks to the decoupling of ASP and PSP, the packages can be adapted or easily changed to more powerful hardware without much effort in the course of porting the embedded software to new hardware platforms.

Customer Benefits


Standard and premium support


Support of projects up to 30 years


Device certification support (for Certification Kits)


ELinOS Linux distribution with 5 year standard support


Wide range of application notes

Our ticket handling service is directly pointing to our engineering organisation and results in on-time and technical profound response.

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