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From Ground to Space: The need for robust software technology has reached new heights. As the number of space embedded systems in orbit rises, the need for reliable software grows. SYSGO has defined common use cases for embedded applications that build the basis for reliable embedded space technology – as fail-safe as possible.
In lower heights, we focus on Security challenges: You will learn how you can save time and money in the process of certification listening to our webcast about the compliance of Common Criteria to DO-356A. On the ground our scientific experts have figured out how Host Intrusion Detection can support automotive Security. Our real-time operating system and Hypervisor technology PikeOS is the right choice for your applications on the ground, in the sky and beyond!

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PS: You can find use-value orientated videos on our YouTube channel such as our webcast addressing Safety and Security challenges in your industry [FIND OUT MORE].

PikeOS in Space

Space embedded systems heavily increase in number. Reliable software becomes a vital economic issue. We show how PikeOS can be used for systems in space which need to keep up functionality whatever happens. Learn about robust partitioning and fail-safe mechanisms that come with PikeOS.

Visit our Space Mission page and learn how we make space embedded systems fail-safe.

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Compliance of the Common Criteria to DO-356A

Our Security expert Dr. Oliver Kuehlert shows how the Avionics standard DO-356A can be connected to the widely accepted Cyber Security standard Common Criteria and how this can be used to save working time and therefore money.

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Security & Certifications for Critical Embedded Industries

In this partner webcast with wolfSSL our experts demonstrate how wolfSSL technology can be used in our RTOS hypervisor PikeOS. You’ll see the utilization of wolfMQTT and TLS 1.3 and learn how your embedded systems can benefit by this integration. We illustrate the Security capabilities of separation, virtualization and data transfers and show how to use these methods to harden an existing system.

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Automotive Security (Towards Host Intrusion Detection)

Our Automotive Security researchers have released a paper that discusses a protective system for embedded automotive systems. It suggests measures against host-intruding cyberthreats, how to monitor and handle them. Learn how you handle threats in Automotive environments.

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High-Availability for Industrial Applications

Our second whitepaper discusses high-availability for Safety-critical applications such as early-warning systems. Learn how you can build such a system based on the RTOS Hypervisor PikeOS.

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What else

Embedded Linux ELinOS 6.2 SR3 and SR4 are out now: Several bugfixes and Security updates come along with kernel updates with both new Service Releases for ELinOS 6.2.
RTI ConnextCon: SYSGO was part of the virtual RTI event ConnextCon in October.
When DDS is deployed on a PikeOS-based system it extends the communication capabilities, thus perfectly fitting data driven architecture designs where there is an increasing demand for such standardized SW bus technology. Coupling this with the capabilities of PikeOS, the customers can benefit of best-in-class features and capabilities for mixed critical, highly secure, embedded systems.

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