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2022 / 01 - Compass for the Embedded Software Jungle

Dear Madame, Dear Sir,

The embedded world is changing. If this realization were just as trivial in terms of its content, there would be no need to say a word about it. However, in addition to old areas of conflict, such as the discussion about bare metal programming or the use of an operating system, there are also newer developments.
An important topic is the rapid development of the RISC-V architecture, which has the potential to compete with ARM in the future - and not only at the lower end of performance. In addition, new and more secure forms of networking are gradually emerging. Isolated systems will become fewer in the future as questions of maintenance and the need for data collection is getting more important. Today, we like to introduce you to some of these topics and thus provide you with a compass to help you through the thicket of this jungle.

Topics in this Newsletter:

  • Real-time-capable Embedded Systems: Bare Metal Programming or RTOS [Industry]
    Almost certainly, you have asked yourself: "Do we really need to use an operating system?" Though there are good reasons for bare metal programming, we'd like to emphasize on some aspects you might find interesting.
  • SpaceCase: Use Cases for PikeOS in Space [Aerospace]
    With our use case whitepaper, we'd like to show you how PikeOS and PikeOS for MPU are making space flight safer and more secure.
  • Safe and Secure Automotive Graphic Environment [Automotive]
    We have teamed up with Rightware to provide CLUSTER/IVI solution developers with a system that allows them to realize beautiful HMI functionality. PikeOS acts as a functionally safe and secure base with Kanzi libraries that allow a fluid, graphical display of data.
  • RISC-V Development Kit [AeroSpace, Automotive, Rail, Industry]
    RISC-V becomes a serious option for more powerful embedded systems. We now offer support for this architecture starting with Sifive's Hifive Unmatched development board.
  • SYSGO @ Embedded World 2022
    This year's Embedded World will take place as physical event from June 21-23 in Nuremberg. Visit SYSGO's Booth 4-532 - we are looking forward to seeing you!

Your SYSGO Team

PS: You can find use-value orientated videos on our YouTube channel such as our webcasts addressing Safety and Security challenges in your industry.

Highest Safety and Security for all Industries

Make or Buy: Bare Metal vs. RTOS Hypervisor

There are good reasons for and against using a real-time operating system for embedded systems or programming directly for them. Often the reasons have been explained, but in a system that is supposed to be real-time capable under today's conditions, it is worth taking a deeper look at the issues. In our article we present reasons and show when it makes sense to program bare metal and when it makes sense to use an RTOS.

Read the Professional Article

SpaceCase: Use Cases for PikeOS in Space

Space flight, with its special hardware and Safety requirements, is moving into the focus of embedded systems experts. In addition to technical issues such as how Fail-Safety can be guaranteed in the case of radiation in space, economic and Security considerations are also taken into account. We bring NewSpace to a new level and show ways how spaceflight can be made safer and more secure to make it fit for commercial purposes in the 21st century.

Download the Whitepaper

Safe and Secure Automotive Graphic Environment

Through our joint effort, Rightware and SYSGO are delivering a safer and more secure automotive graphics environment. You will see in our video what you need to know about real-time operating system and hypervisor PikeOS working together with Automotive human-machine-interface framework Kanzi.

Watch the Video

RISC-V Development Kit

With the rise of the RISC-V architecture as a serious alternative to ARM in the embedded systems ecosystem, development departments in all industries need to gain experience and expertise. SiFive has released the HiFive Unmatched to address this demand. We are supporting developers with a board support package for the HiFive Unmatched to enable software architects exploring real-time operating system PikeOS.

Read the Press Release

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SYSGO @ Embedded World 2022

Nuremberg, 21 - 23 June: Meet our experts at SYSGO's Booth 4-532 and learn more about our products. Have a look at our Avionics, Railway and Automotive demonstrators.

If you want to book a meeting with us, please let us know and we will get back to you shortly. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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