PikeOS 5.1 is available since January 2021

PikeOS Whats New

Main Improvements and Changes

  • L2 Cache Partitioning available for selected PPC Processors
  • Priority inheritance mutexes
  • I/O Stream functions for the PikeOS C-Environment (CENV)
  • PikeOS native API C++ 2014 support
  • PikeOS native API supports the lightweight IP stack (lwIp) 

Partitioning shared Cache of e6500 PowerPC (PPC) Processors

  • Improved deterministic behaviour in terms of worst-case execution time
  • Assured proper functioning of embedded systems (especially in the Avionics sector)

Enable priority Inheritance for Mutexes in the PikeOS Thread API

  • Mitigates the problems caused by priority inversion in complex systems
  • Priority inheritance contributes to desired system behaviour (to increase robustness)

PikeOS Native API

  • Extended with additional C/C++ library functions
  • Build applications more comfortable to port existing C/C++ code to PikeOS
  • C++ now available as well as key parts of the stream-based Input/Output (I/O) library
  • Utilization of file handling operations opening the gates for file-based data procession without being bound to other APIs or guest OSs

Low-Memory Footprint TCP/IP Stack Lightweight IP (LwIP)

  • Option for intelligent edge devices running PikeOS native to communicate with the cloud