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CS VERILOG and SYSGO build up a New Partnership to answer Automotive Market needs

CS VERILOG and SYSGO RTS GmbH are now partnering to provide a global solution - design, development environment and RTOS - addressing the specific needs of Automotive real-time software development teams.

The powerful combination of CS VERILOG's ObjectGEODE and SYSGO's LEO OSEK RTOS addresses the Electronic Control Unit Network (ECUs) OSEK-based applications such as Body Controllers or Engine Management Systems (EMS). The integrated solution will streamline the development process from the requirements to the design down to the target implementation for Automotive high-availability and communicating OSEK applications. With a simple click of a button, ObjectGEODE generates full OSEK compliant production source code allowing software architecture exploration among different ECUs. With a single ObjectGEODE's design developers can make your system run on one or multiple ECUs using CAN networks.

CS VERILOG is a leading supplier of software development solutions for real-time, embedded, and high availability systems in the Telecom and Aerospace Markets. Based on UML, SDL, MSCs and ASN.1 worldwide standards, ObjectGEODE covers analysis, design, model checking, full code and test generation phases.

SYSGO RTS GmbH is focused on "hardware abstraction software" for embedded systems, principally on development and porting of real-time operating systems for the Automotive Market. LEO covers the development cycle for OSEK applications from the first prototype to the ECU in the production cars. For rapid system prototyping, LEO provides an OSEK-API inside a UNIX environment. Once the OSEK application is successfully tested, the underlying UNIX is replaced by SYSGO RTS GmbH's microkernel P4 and the same code can be moved to the ECU without any modifications.

"Usually code generated by design-tools is not used as is but needs to be optimized ,by-hand' before going into the production unit. Combining CS Verilog's state-of-the-art CASE-Tools with our RTOS know-how we jointly created a solution which closes this gap for OSEK", said Knut Degen, Managing Director of  SYSGO RTS GmbH .

"We strongly believe that our leading technology coming from the Telecom and Aerospace Markets can answer strong Automotive embedded real time software development needs and SYSGO's products and experience in this arena are key elements in our Automotive Market strategy.", added Erwan PACCARD, Automotive Market Manager.


The OSEK code generation for ObjectGEODE will be available in October 99.

Product Descriptions

LEO/POSIX provides a "Virtual ECU" under Linux and LynxOS® for Rapid System Prototyping. Due to the real-time capabilities of the host operating system, the LynxOS® version provides guaranteed intertask communication and switching times <15 ?secs even in the prototyping phase. This allows not only the emulation, but the real-life simulation of a complete ECU in the running car. Complimentary to the prototyping tool, LEO/p4 runs on the ECU itself. In order to provide portability and being open for future enhancements a modular approach based on the microkernel technology was chosen. The OSEK code is identical with LEO/posix, thus the code generated and tested in the prototyping phase only needs to be recompiled.

ObjectGEODE consists of nine different modules for modeling, simulation, code generation, and testing. It supports international standards including UML, the ITU-T's SDL, MSC, and ASN. 1. ObjectGEODE is available for Windows NT and UNIX. Actual cost depends on the customer's configuration and number of users. Average cost per user for a development team of five is approximately $15,000. Please call (800) 424-3095 for additional information, or visit the CS VERILOG Web site at


CS VERILOG is a world leader in software development solutions for real-time, distributed, embedded, and critical systems. CS VERILOG solutions encompass technologies such as UML, SDL, MSC, software metrics, and graphical reverse engineering products that cover the complete development phase: analysis and design, simulation, code generation, testing, and quality assessment. CS VERILOG's products are widely used in Aerospace and Telecommunications companies around the world, and are now introduced in Automotive companies such as DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, PSA, Renault and Siemens. In addition to ObjectGEODE and to offer a global solution to Automotive systems development, CS VERILOG proposes SCADE for modeling and implementing time-triggered system, and LOGIS COPE for assessing the quality of embedded software. CS VERILOG is a subsidiary of the Communication & Système Group, listed on the Paris stock exchange.

Visit CS VERILOG's Web site at

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