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ELinOS Embedded Linux

ELinOS 6.0 ensures effective embedded Linux Projects

Only two weeks after the release of its hypervisor PikeOS 3.5, SYSGO presents today the new version 6.0 of the embedded Linux distribution ELinOS. Core element of the update is the redesigned in-house development environment CODEO 5.1, which now combines all the tools for the development of industrial Linux projects under one user interface. For use in embedded systems, ELinOS features an optimized Linux kernel 3.12. The latest CPUs for embedded systems have been added to the list of supported hardware platforms.


With the Integrated Development Environment CODEO 5.1 all development tools are now combined under one umbrella. This measures aims at increasing effectiveness of Linux projects for embedded systems. In less than an hour, a complete Linux system including an optimized kernel for the project with all the desired properties can be configured, compiled and deployed on the selected hardware. In addition, CODEO supports application development as well as analyzing and debugging of the target software with integrated tools.

Network Protocols and File Systems

ELinOS 6.0 provides additional functionalities that can easily be integrated in embedded Linux projects. The product contains new network functions, such as TCP Fast Open as well as the Precision Time Protocol (PTP), additional file systems like btrfs, full NFS v4.1 and the flash-friendly F2FS, and cryptographic functions like cryptographically signed kernel modules, LZ4 cryptography interface and LZ4 compressed kernels.

Linux Kernel and Tools

Part of the ELinOS 6.0 distribution is Linux kernel 3.12 optimized for embedded systems including the real-time extensions of OSADL (Open Source Automation Development Lab). The tools comprise the GNU compiler GCC 4.8 and provide the embedded C library eglibc 2.17.

Advanced Hardware Support

ELinOS 6.0 provides support for symmetric multi-processing on multi-core processors for X86, PowerPC and ARM including 64 bit architectures. The list of Board Support Packages has been extended by the boards from Freescale i.MX6 SABRE (Lite, Auto, SD), Phytec phyFLEX i.MX6, Texas Instruments OMAP 5 EVM and TI Vayu DRA7xx and Xilinx Zynq. In addition, ELinOS 6.0 supports the Intel Core-i 4th generation, Intel HD Graphics 4x/5x, provides the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and interfaces like Thunderbolt. The extended hardware support includes ARM big.Little and the use of ARM hardware virtualization via PikeOS. 

Video and Free Test Version

To learn about ELinOS 6.0, SYSGO provides a video on its YouTube channel showing the steps of kernel, user space and the target system configuration.

Watch the Video

Additionally, users can make first-hand experience with our free ELinOS Test Version


ELinOS 6.0 is available as of now.

ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux

ELinOS is an embedded Linux distribution purpose-built for the use in industrial applications. The integrated development environment is tailored to the specific requirements of embedded systems and comes with board support packages for the most successful hardware of the embedded market. ELinOS aims at the timesaving and cost-efficient use of Linux in the embedded field. The product is supplemented by training classes and project-oriented support by experienced developers.

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