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PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Communication Platform from X-ES

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"We are very happy to have the X-ES XPedite6101 supported by our certified hypervisor PikeOS", said George Brooks, Director of Business Development at SYSGO. "Our relationship with X-ES answers market interests in our combined solutions addressing the high performance and safety critical needs of our mutual customer base."

The XPedite6101 provides a compact and cost-effective rugged computing solution with excellent processing performance-per-watt. It supports multiple processor configurations and up to 8 GB of DDR3 ECC SDRAM and also supports a number of high-performance I/O options. By supporting DPAA (Data Path Acceleration Architecture), PikeOS enables the developer to reach network performance goals while distributing the network-processing workload to different cores of the QorIQ T1042 architecture, which has four e5500 cores running at up to 1.4 GHz. 

About PikeOS Hypervisor

PikeOS is a hypervisor intended for embedded systems with safety and security requirements. With real-time, virtualization and partitioning, it provides all the features needed to build today’s multi-functional and highly-integrated devices. The PikeOS architecture creates a foundation for critical systems allowing official approval by the authorities regarding safety and security standards. PikeOS is the only European software platform for smart devices in the Internet-of-Things. 

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PikeOS for MPU

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