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SYSGO adds RISC-V Support to its PikeOS Real-Time Operating System

SYSGO, the European leader in real-time operating systems (RTOS) for certifiable embedded systems, has announced that its real-time operating system PikeOS does now support a broad range of RISC-V based architectures. PikeOS is a leading RTOS/hypervisor solution used in Safety and Security-critical applications in the Aerospace, Railway and Automotive industries as well as in Industrial, Medical and IoT applications. It has specifically been designed for systems which require Safety certification against industry standards such as DO-178 C (Avionics), ICE 62279 / EN 50128 (Railway) or ISO 26262 (Automotive). PikeOS is based on a separation kernel, which has received EAL 3+ certification according to Common Criteria (for version 4.2.3 build S5577) and can thus serve as a single and integrated platform for Safety and Security-critical systems.

With RISC-V, SYSGO continues its commitment to support the latest open hardware instruction set architectures. RISC-V is an open source hardware instruction set architecture, driven by the non-profit RISC-V Foundation. It is rapidly being adopted by hardware vendors around the world and, according to media reports, research from Semico Research estimates its market size to grow to more than 60 billion CPU cores by 2025. Through its parent company Thales, SYSGO is a founding member of the RISC-V foundation and the open hardware group, supporting the ecosystem with its expertise in certifiable designs. The goal of the open hardware group is to define open hardware-based on RISC-V.

"More and more systems are being developed on RISC-V, and we are committed to offering our customers the choice of their preferred architecture", said Franz Walkembach, SYSGO's VP Marketing & Alliances. "With RISC-V support, we deliver on this promise and enable the use of this architecture even in the most critical environments."

SYSGO also announced that QEMU can also be used with PikeOS RISC-V architectures. QEMU is a popular open source hardware emulator which runs on all major desktop operating systems and can emulate the entire hardware of a computer system. Target architectures include x86, x64, PowerPC, ARM 32/64, SPARC and others and thus QEMU covers all architectures supported by PikeOS.

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