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SYSGO at Embedded World 2024: Functional Safety for Robots, IIoT, Avionics and Automotive

SYSGO, the leading European provider of real-time operating systems for safety-critical embedded applications, will participate in Embedded World 2024, taking place from April 9th to 11th in Nuremberg, Germany. SYSGO is going to present several innovations, comprising a Cobot robotics solution for the industrial market leveraging on PikeOS's ability to enable functionally safe and cyber-secure applications and can be found at booth 4-126.

Said solution is a demonstrator that showcases robotic versatility in safety-critical areas. This IIoT virtual robot demo showcases latest technologies, integrating laser scanners for real-time obstacle avoidance and smart wheel systems for adaptive mobility. Displayed via a captivating on-screen virtual robot and managed through an EtherCAT-enabled Linux system, this demonstration highlights the seamless integration of safety and efficiency in modern industrial IoT environments. Such a solution can be used in the automotive manufacturing plants, for example, to attach modules such as doors to the chassis. The demonstrator runs an application that provides means to operate robots safely and that can be built within a short time-to-market. A safety monitoring unit surveys the entire robot system. The solution is based on safe and secure RTOS & hypervisor PikeOS. It can be certified according to IEC 61508 up to SIL2. Safety-critical code within this demonstrator can be executed safely and securely separated in time and space.

Also, SYSGO will grant a sneak preview of its upcoming edge-to-cloud platform at the booth.

Additionally, SYSGO will be showing two more demos: The first one is an avionics demonstrator, that includes an avionics primary flight display suitable for systems safety certifiable up to DAL A, ensuring top-tier reliability and clarity. The second system is a certifiable digital cluster for automotive applications, an essential component in modern vehicle dashboards. It showcases an in-vehicle dashboard with a number of technologies all underpinned by the cybersecurity and safety-certifiable PikeOS, ensuring both high levels of functionality as well as compliance with automotive industry standard ISO 26262 up to ASIL D. This demonstrator showcases the cutting-edge in automotive display systems, realizing the integration of key technologies in this sector. SYSGO offers safety certification kits for these kinds of applications and also provides industry-specific certification kits for many other systems, including aerospace, avionics, rail, medical, automotive, and many more. As part of a customer project, PikeOS was recently certified for the first time at the highest space safety level Cat. A certification in accordance with ECSS-E-ST-40C. These certifications include the fact that PikeOS runs evenly distributed on all cores of a CPU in so-called SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) mode. This provides customers with an extremely high-performing system that consolidates previously physically separated systems on a single piece of hardware, resulting in great cost savings potential without having to compromise on safety. The security architecture of PikeOS has been certified according to Common Criteria at the very high EAL 5+ level on the PikeOS separation kernel (version 5.1.3), thus providing customers with a foundation that is comprehensively protected against cyberattacks. SYSGO provides the necessary artifacts, certification kits and a fully qualified toolchain.

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