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SYSGO Co-Leader of Major Industrial IoT Project

S3P Project aims at developing a smart, safe and secure Software Development and Execution Platform for the "Internet of Things".

Esterel Technologies (Consortium Leader, wholly owned affiliate of ANSYS), and Technology Platform Partners: CEA Tech, Krono Safe, MicroEJ, Prismtech, Prove & Run, SYSGO, Telecom ParisTech and TrustInSoft, and Industrial Users Partners: Airbus, Alstom, Altran Connected Solutions (World Class Center of Altran), Axa France, Continental, Eolane, NXP Semiconductors, Sagem, Schneider Electric, Sorin, STMicroelectronics, SurTec and Thales. Together are creating the S3P Consortium to develop an IoT Software Development and Execution Platform, S3 Platform.

The S3P Platform aims at enabling the rapid development and exploitation of IoT-capable devices and applications, combining unprecedented safety, security, agility and portability.

The S3P Consortium also creates with the support of the Embedded France Association, the Cap’tronic Association and the Eclipse Foundation the S3P Alliance ecosystem to foster the wider national and international deployment of its initiative with the aim at further expanding its usage by other leading consumer and industrial brands.The development of the S3 Platform is supported by the S3P Project, a 45 M€ investment project, that is financially supported by the S3P Consortium members and by the French Government “Nouvelle France Industrielle” initiative with a 18.3 M€ government funding, under the “Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir”.

“The creation of S3 Platform, Project and Alliance is a key contribution to building a smart, safe and secure software development and execution platform for the worldwide deployment of IoT”, said Eric BANTEGNIE, CEO of Esterel Technologies and Vice President of ANSYS, Inc., “it also contributes directly to the objectives of building a comprehensive “Digital Trust Solution” for the development of the economy, a key objective of the French government”.

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