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SYSGO ELinOS Version 6.1 - Industrial Grade Linux

SYSGO introduces version 6.1 of its industrial grade Linux operating system ELinOS, which has been optimised for real time embedded applications. The new version of ELinOS is based on Linux Kernel 4.1 with real-time extensions, support for ARM 64-bit architecture, as well as the x86 64-bit. ELinOS 6.1 enables developers, with a minimum working knowledge of Linux, to quickly build a development ELinOS system.

The complete ELinOS package has been updated to support the latest tools, including Qt, Wayland, MySQL, BusyBox, Apache, Perl, GTK to include about 250 precompiled applications. ELinOS toolchain makes use of the newer glibc v2.19. The toolchain has also been updated to include binutils v2.25, gcc v5.5 and gdb v7.10. ELinOS 6.1 includes CODEO 6.1, CODEO is an eclipsed based graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting C/C++ and Java. CODEO provides a rich set of tools and plugins to easily create high performance embedded application with ease.

CODEO provides graphical Debug and System Trace capabilities and may be hosted on Linux or Windows based host computers. ELinOS hardware support has been significantly extended to enable more flexibility for developers. SMP (Symmetric MultiProcessing) supported on the new ARM64 platforms. ELinOS Board support has been dramatically extended to support a wide variety of embedded targets boards including NXP, Phytec, Texas Instruments, Xilinx and X86 formats.

ELinOS 6.1 supports the latest Core-I generation from Intel as well as Intel graphics. ELinOS 6.1 is available immediately.

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