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SYSGO introduces DO-178C / ED-12C DAL A Certification Kit for Hypervisor-based Real-Time Operating System PikeOS 5.1

SYSGO has created a comprehensive Avionics Safety certification kit for the Hypervisor-based real-time operating system PikeOS. This includes an ARINC 653 execution environment which is highly demanded in the Avionics industry. The certification kit enables customers in the Avionics industry to develop systems and applications according to the highest Safety development assurance level A (DAL A) as described in the Avionics Safety standard DO-178C / ED-12C.

The kit can be seen as a tool set that comprises - among others - Safety and user manuals, interface documentation, worst case timing analysis (WCET), partitioning analysis and stack analysis, qualification report for all used tools based on DO-330 requirements which also includes operational requirements of customer-related tools. The complete qualification status is summarized in software accomplishment summaries for PikeOS and ARINC 653 which show compliance to DO-178C / ED-12C DAL A.  

The DO-178C standard represents the central software development guideline for the Aviation industry and is acknowledged by certification authorities such as the FAA and EASA. Furthermore, the ARINC 653 API, also called APEX, allows the development of applications that are compatible to the Basic Safety Profile as described in the FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment Consortium) technical standard.

The certification kit supports the latest PikeOS version 5.1 with the aid of the AdaCore GNAT Pro C compiler on 64-Bit PowerPC platform (E500MC-4G) supporting source code to object code traceability. The Hypervisor-based RTOS PikeOS allows developers to use certification artefacts for building DAL-A qualified embedded software and systems that can be certified in a well comprehensible and time-sparing process saving substantial cost and speed up time to market. PikeOS has also been designed to meet comprehensive Security requirements, thus handing out a holistic operating system for customers with a need to fullfill both, Safety and Security requirements. Besides the DAL A certification kit, there's also a new DAL B certification kit available for 64-bit PowerPC platform (E500MC-4G) that can be used with the Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC).

"We are pleased that the DAL A certification kit for DO-178C brings us one step closer to our goal of making PikeOS the central basis for Safety-critical software in avionics over several hardware architectures," said Sven Nordhoff, Director Certification at SYSGO. "PikeOS has been designed from ground up to satisfy certifiable applications and systems and now we can offer our customers in the Avionics industry also a path to the highest Safety level for their critical systems."

In addition to the certification kits, SYSGO also supports the development and certification of critical embedded systems with competent consultancy and a variety of professional services.

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