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SYSGO is participating in the Automotive Grade Linux Project

SYSGO GmbH is joining forces with the Linux Foundation to actively participate in their Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project. In this open-source project, renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers will work alongside hardware and software manufacturers to develop and implement a completely open software stack for the connected car.

The objectives of the Automotive Grade Linux project are to create an open platform and a Linux-based industry standard which enables rapid development of new features and technologies. Having originally concentrated on in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) technology, AGL is now addressing vehicle software as a whole, including instrument clusters, head-up displays, telematics, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

SYSGO has more than 20 years' experience in developing and customising Linux systems and, in providing its ELinOS system, is offering a commercial development environment for embedded Linux applications comprising a Linux distribution and a comprehensive package of development tools. ELinOS can be used as an independent operating system for industrial applications, but can also run in a partition of PikeOS, the Hypervisor-based real-time operating system. Thanks to its membership of the Linux Foundation, SYSGO brings to this project its expertise both in Linux technology and in critical avionic and automotive applications, and in turn is gaining access to the AGL source code and documentation.

"In our customer projects, both ELinOS and PikeOS are able to address business-critical application scenarios with certification at the highest level," says Franz Walkembach, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at SYSGO. "As a member of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), we can further build on our long experience of Linux, use this experience to the benefit of the growing automotive market and participate in this fast-paced process of innovation."

SYSGO is a Silver Member of the Linux Foundation and a Bronze Member of AGL. More detailed information can be found at and

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