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SYSGO launches ELinOS 4.0

SYSGO announces the launch of a new ELinOS version for October. ELinOS has been worked over radically and now fully supports the virtualisation platform PikeOS. Thus, it offers a long-term and reliable foundation for the use of Linux in embedded systems and safety-critical applications.

„Today companies use Embedded Linux for its functionality and connectivity, but still have major concerns when it comes to hard real-time and safety-critical requirements.” explains Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO. “In combination with the PikeOS micro kernel, the advantages of Linux can be utilised within a safe partition while the hard real-time and safety-critical parts of the application can  run in a separate partition.”

The key focus of the new ELinOS version is the comfortable handling and concise configuration of embedded systems. CODEO, the Eclipse-based development environment, provides a unified platform to develop applications for Linux and PikeOS’ real-time API’s like OSEK or POSIX within one single IDE . ELinOS v4.0 will be delivered with many Board Support Packages, created in collaboration with leading hardware vendors.

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