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SYSGO now Part of Thales Group

Today, Thales announced the acquisition of SYSGO GmbH, the European leader in safe and secure operating systems required for markets served by the Group such as aeronautics, space, transport, defence and security. The transaction will bring SYSGO access to the market for Thales solutions, consolidating the company’s leading European position while supporting its capacity to expand into new markets such as automotive.

The Executive Team of SYSGO, Michael Tiedemann and Knut Degen, is delighted to see the company being backed up by “an organisation with the breadth and calibre of Thales. This step boosts SYSGO’s technological and commercial development both within Thales and with our long-standing customer base in the open market. So all of us at SYSGO are very excited about the future development plan proposed by Thales, which is providing us with the ability, but also the freedom to promote the PikeOS operating system globally in all market segments.”

SYSGO will be a subsidiary of Thales while retaining its core mission and brand identity. Thales will rely heavily on the company’s current management and staff to ensure that SYSGO can guarantee continuity of service with existing customers. 


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