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SYSGO welcomes Certification expert Sven Nordhoff on Board

Devices and machinery for the Internet of Things are highly complex systems that must be tested according to industry-specific standards and protected against enemy attacks. The product development in this area usually takes several years, in which an optimal cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers is critical to the success of the project. With the newly created position of Director Certification, SYSGO bundles the human, technical and organizational responsibilities of these projects at the management level.

Functional safety and IT security will be the key elements of innovative operating systems of the future. With PikeOS, SYSGO has established an operating system for safety-critical applications in, among others, the aviation industry, the railway sector and the automotive industry. Expansion to other industries and to the all-important topic of security reflects the customer request to meet future challenges through innovative ideas. 

"The issue of product safety in the Internet of Things will challenge the entire embedded industry. The projects are complex and last a long time,” explains Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO. "That's why we are very glad to have Sven Nordhoff as Director Certification on board."

"It's a great challenge to join such a future-oriented and highly qualified company," says Sven Nordhoff. "I look forward to the exciting tasks and the cooperation with SYSGO and its customers." 

Sven Nordhoff holds a degree in computer science and has been working in the embedded industry for 20 years. Early on, he specialized in quality management, project planning and process quality. He was, inter alia, coach for the avionics safety standards DO-178B/C, DO-254 and DO-278 and is a member of the international Working Group DO-178C. 

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