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SYSGO's incoming Orders rose by 105 % in 2011

Final numbers for 2011 are not yet approved, but 2011profit increase is expected to exceed 25 %.

PikeOS sales should increase by 40 % compared to the same period in 2010. SYSGO continues on a profitable growth path. The outstanding number of incoming orders is the result of different factors:

  • The growing awareness and acceptance of the safe and secure embedded virtualization RTOS product designed and produced by SYSGO, PikeOS, that perfectly matches the embedded market trends
  • The consolidation of market position in already strongly addressed sectors like avionics and industrial automation
  • The growing presence or fast penetration of new market segments such as automotive, railway, and security
  • The continuous geographical expansion, especially in China and South Korea

Although largely due to SYSGO's safety and security offering for highly critical embedded applications, this achievement also relies on the embedded Linux solutions the company is delivering to industrial customers for more than a decade now. This complementary offering, that includes ELinOS product and services, represents close to 40 % of SYSGO sales revenue and is used in all market segments targeted also by PikeOS.

"We are very pleased by this tremendous growth of our business," said Michael Tiedemann, CEO of SYSGO. "What makes us even prouder of these numbers is the fact that it results from an active and focused business development plan to address the industrial sectors where we know true innovation pays off. We are committed to keep our leadership in advanced solutions for the embedded market and to maintain the high level of quality of our products and services as they are the two main reasons for our success".

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