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TMS represents SYSGO in South Africa

TMS first distributor for SYSGO products in Africa / PikeOS Hypervisor and ELinOS for the South African defence and automation industry / Target market are safety-critical systems with certification requirements.

SYSGO appoints Technology Market Solutions (TMS) as official distributor for its PikeOS Hypervisor and ELinOS products in South Africa. TMS is a provider of robust embedded solutions for the defence and automation industries. Together with SYSGO, TMS will support these and other industries in the development of safety-critical devices, including the approval of the software according to international standards for functional safety and security.

"The demand for secure basic software and operating systems for intelligent systems is increasing worldwide. We have noticed this in the many requests for partnerships and distribution rights for PikeOS Hypervisor and ELinOS," says Norbert Kuhrt, VP Sales at SYSGO, "We value TMS as an experienced embedded specialist with good contacts in our target markets in South Africa, where safety and security are paramount."

"More and more defence applications need to be certified to DO-178," explains Hedley Brest, member of the management team at TMS. "The strict separation mechanisms and small size of the PikeOS hypervisor significantly reduce the effort and cost of security certification for the developer. We have been active in the market for safety-critical systems for many years and understand the high financial and administrative hurdles our customers face when participating in projects with certification requirements. Together with SYSGO, we will lower these hurdles."

About PikeOS Hypervisor

The PikeOS Hypervisor is specifically designed for embedded systems software development with security requirements. With real-time, virtualisation and partitioning, PikeOS provides all the features needed for the development of modern multi-functional and highly integrated devices. The PikeOS architecture lays the foundation for certification and official approval of critical systems according to functional safety and IT security standards. PikeOS is the only European software platform for smart devices on the Internet-of-Things.

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About TMS

Technology Marketing Solutions (TMS) is a provider of robust embedded solutions, software for the research, systems integration and manufacturing industries in South Africa and neighbouring states. TMS provides robust embedded solutions to some of South Africa's largest defence programmes. The management team has been involved in major technology introductions in South Africa, including DSP and the first set-top boxes with ASIC design. TMS was founded in 1989 and is based in Johannesburg.

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