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certMILS eases Security Certification of Railway Systems

In the latest issue of Global Railway Review, Dr. Sergey Tverdyshev (Director of Research & Technology at SYSGO) talks about security certifications of railway systems considering the MILS concept. He is the technical leader of the certMILS project – certMILS aims to protect critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks by compositional security certification to deliver a certified Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) platform. But how can this be applied to railway systems?

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Separation Kernel as a basis for certifiable applications and systems

Functional security and cybersecurity are among the most important issues in the development of modern vehicles, and the certification of individual systems will become increasingly important in the future. Developers must therefore increasingly work according to the "Safety & Security by Design" principle. Real-time operating systems based on a separation kernel enable new approaches.

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Separation Kernel als Basis für zertifizierbare Anwendungen

Funktionale Sicherheit und Cybersecurity zählen zu den wichtigsten Themen bei der Entwicklung moderner Fahrzeuge, und der Zertifizierung einzelner Systeme wird in Zukunft eine immer höhere Bedeutung zukommen. Entwickler müssen daher zunehmend nach dem Prinzip "Safety & Security by Design" arbeiten. Echtzeitbetriebssysteme auf Basis eines Separation Kernels ermöglichen dabei neue Ansätze.

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Cyber Security as a Design Objective

Increasing digitalisation presents the armed forces with a whole host of new challenges. Digitalised vehicles and weapon systems are potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks ‒ and not just when they are connected to the Internet.

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Security Certification of IoT Devices with a Component-based Software Design

Different types of IoT applications are subject to different security standards. Whether you want to meet the requirements of the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security (ISO 15408), IEC 62443 for Industrial Control Systems, EDSA (Embedded Device Security Analysis) or J3061 in the automotive sector: We will show you how you can quickly meet all necessary requirements with a component-based software design.

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Mehrere Anwendungen mit einem Separation Kernel konsolidieren

Immer mehr Anwendungen müssen auf immer weniger Hardwareplattformen laufen. Der gemeinsame Betrieb sicherheitskritischer und unkritischer Anwendungen auf einer Plattform erfordert neue Ansätze.

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Uniform Hardware Platforms for all Car Features

The cost-effective and safe implementation of assistance systems and autonomous cars requires a new approach to development of the control components. The objective is to integrate diverse applications on one hardware platform, but—for safety reasons—to be able to continue operating them fully independently...

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PikeOS ermöglicht die Entwicklung sicherheits-zertifizierter Anwendungen auf einer gemeinsamen Hardware-Plattform

Fahrerassistenzsysteme und autonomes Fahren sind neben der Elektromobilität derzeit die wichtigsten Schwerpunkte in der Automobilentwicklung. Schon heute sind viele Funktionen in Automobilen vollständig oder teilweise automatisiert; Fahrerassistenzsysteme wie Abstandswarner, Rückfahrkameras oder Einparkhilfen finden Zugang in die Serienproduktion selbst kleiner und mittlerer Fahrzeuge. Komplett autonom fahrende PKW, Busse und auch LKW sind auf öffentlichen Straßen im Testbetrieb; erste Serienfahrzeuge können sich zumindest teilautonom bewegen. Allerdings ist es noch ein großer Schritt hin zur kompletten Autonomie, die nicht nur entsprechende Systeme im einzelnen Auto voraussetzt...

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A Modular Train Control System Through the Use of Certified COTS HW/SW and Qualified Tools

The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) forms the basis for standardization in relation to train control systems (ETCS), command control and safety technology, and Integrated Electronic Control Centres (IECC) in Europe [ETC16]. The previous HW/SW systems in these fields followed a monolithic integration approach applied by the individual manufacturers. This harbours problems relating to the compatibility of the systems of the various manufacturers, creates dependencies...

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How to address Certification for Multi-Core based IMA Platforms: Current Status and potential Solutions

This professional article addresses certification aspects of multi-core based IMA platforms with the focus on today's technologies and processes. The paper provides an analysis of potential hardware and software related interference channels between partitions running on a multi-core based platform. Different core software concepts found in existing implementations like asymmetric multi processing (AMP) and symmetric multi processing (SMP) concepts are evaluated with respect to partitioning aspects.

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ARINC 653 RTOS for Multi-Core Certification

At the Avionics Expo 2019 in Munich - the leading event for aviation professionals - SYSGO's Solution Architect Robert Pickles gave a talk about "ARINC 653 RTOS for Multi-Core Certification".


Autonomous Driving Safety & Security Challenges

Joined the Automated Vehicle Security & Safety Technology Forum in Shenzhen (China), organized by the Automotive World China, SYSGO held a presentation with a focus on autonomous driving safety challenges.

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French Television interviewing SYSGO’s CEO

SYSGO's CEO Etienne Butery gives an interview on BFM Business - a leading French TV channel for continuous economic and financial information. With its “PME Stories” BFM honours medium-sized companies that are leaders in their industry. As Europe's leading provider for the development of embedded systems for Safety- & Security-critical applications, SYSGO has been invited to that expert interview.

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SYSGO Company Movie

With this video we introduce SYSGO and PikeOS. For more than 25 years, we have been a respected partner for embedded software projects with high demand on Safety & Security. And not least because of highly sensitive projects within avionics, railway and industry-automation we are the number 1 in Europe with our real-time operating system PikeOS.

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PikeOS CODEO Demonstration (Basic)

This video gives you an overview of the PikeOS development tools, a brief overview of how to create a PikeOS configuration, the type of partition and target hardware.

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PikeOS CODEO Demonstration (Advanced)

This video highlights the work with PikeOS more detailed when creating a PikeOS-configuration, running Linux in a partition or mixing criticality applications.

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Is your Security trustworthy to protect my Safety-critical System?

This video covers the state of the art of trustworthiness requirements for Safety & Security critical systems where both safety and security have to be addressed. This will be illustrated with real-life examples for highly critical Safety systems from the transportation domain, industrial automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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