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PikeOS is both an RTOS and a safe software platform designed to support and compartmentalize capabilities that are important to critical medical devices, such as real-time responsiveness, determinism, safety, security and diverse hardware and software support. The foundation of PikeOS is a small, certifiable micro-kernel, upon which a virtualization infrastructure provides the ability to house diverse resource and function needs into safe individual partitions.


Safe & Secure Virtualization and integrated Linux
Because Industrial applications are comprised of different components with varying requirements for criticality and security, a trustable infrastructure that supports such distinctions provides a competitive advantage in development, certification, and long-term maintenance. The foundation of PikeOS is a small, certifiable micro-kernel, upon which a virtualization infrastructure provides the ability to house diverse resource and function needs into safe individual partitions.

PikeOS provides a broad variety of personalities to support diverse Industrial application criticalities from graphic applications to time-critical measurement systems and safety-critical control functions. Thanks to separation technology, Linux applications and proprietary intellectual property can be divided into separate partitions.

Industrial architectures (single & multi-core):
ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SPARC V8, x86,

Industrial personalities:
Android, Certified POSIX®, iTRON, Java, Linux, Native

IEC 61508

Certified according to IEC 61508
Many Industrial products have safety requirements according to IEC 61508. PikeOS is the best certification solution for three reasons: small size, criticality partitioning, and unparalleled company support for the certification process. Because PikeOS is purpose-built to meet certification needs, its essential features comprise only about 10,000 lines of code.

The PikeOS partitioning concept makes it possible for applications of various levels of criticality to be certified for their individual required safety levels while running securely in parallel on the same hardware platform. Even more important for certification is a competent and reliable partner who does not leave you in a tight spot when it comes to documentation, requirements and tests.

For over 15 years SYSGO has been supporting our customers with our own resources, with engineers, with workshops and training, as well as with artifacts and provision of source code.


Why you should use PikeOS for Industrial
Cost and time pressures are decisive factors in the development of industrial equipment. Unfortunately, manufacturers typically face disruption from rapid obsolescence of hardware and fast software update cycles. PikeOS restores control over software development processes and brings predictability to life cycle costs:

  • Extreme flexibility provides independence from suppliers in the choice of hardware and software: PikeOS supports a broad range of hardware architectures and provides interfaces for a wide array of personalities. It is easy to add additional architectures and interfaces (including for legacy code) and therefore to manage hardware obsolescence.
  • Partitioning provides the basis for a pragmatic Linux strategy: PikeOS offers an integrated Linux personality to include Linux or other open source features like network, GUI or web server. Your own intellectual properties, real-time functions and safety-critical applications run in separate partitions.
  • Integrated safety reduces certification costs: applications of various levels of criticality and security are safely separated from one another in distinct partitions and certified separately.


PikeOS in action: PikeOS and Linux used in Mining Excavator
Bucyrus (Caterpillar) chose PikeOS for IP protection, investment protection and obsolescence management. PikeOS was ported to a new hardware platform and configured to provide two different partitions, one running legacy code on a POSIX® API, and the other running new applications on Linux. Software investments on the excavator product line are protected and complemented by Linux programs running within the Linux partition. Secure partitioning mechanisms ensure each application remains independent. Existing IP is protected in its own partition and cannot be accessed from Linux.

Customer testimonial
“Historically, it's been difficult to maintain technology based on aging hardware platforms. PikeOS allows us to make choices that fit today's needs while knowing that our investments are secured for the future.” Werner Ganahl, CEO, Gantner Instruments

More customers in Industrial:
Baumüller, Bucyrus, Caterpillar, Gantner, Gatso Meter, Görlitz, ICA chip, Kongsberg, Meyn, Putzmeister, Stäubli, SWARCO


We take the lead by continuous research
Many research results from other industrie are useful for the Industrial industry as well. National governments and the EU support the transfer of results from the avionics or automotive sector with considerable research funding. SYSGO is a leading participant in major research projects, benefiting the industry while continually improving and expanding PikeOS, the sole European virtualization solution.

PikeOS software platform in the following Industrial research projects:

Industry ecosystem and collaboration
Industrial projects use a wide range of software and hardware products. Flawless interaction between the components used is vital to the success of complex projects. For this reason, we have been working in close collaboration with the leading global Industrial Automation suppliers for many years now. We support a wide selection of hardware platforms with our software products and have developed interfaces for code generators and analysis tools which are constantly being expanded.

Our Industrial ecosystem:
aicas, ARM, Atego, Esterel, Freescale, Infineon, Intel, Lauterbach, MEN, MIPS, Presagis, Rapita, Renesas, TTTech, Vector Software, Xilinx


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