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Public Transportation meets Safety and Security

Public transportation systems such as trains, metros, trams and even buses are increasingly using electronic systems for passenger information, autonomous driving and protection systems. The impacts of safety requirements on public transportation systems are sadly reported on news channels... accidents do happen though, but there needs to be more done to increase passenger safety.

Next generation transportation systems are making use of commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment, which has been used extensively in other domains such as Avionics, where passenger safety is the top priority for aviation.

Safety Standards provide guidelines for implementation of advanced transportation systems. Especially in the rail industry where the European Train Control System (ETCS) is being adopted across European countries to replace signalling, control and train protection systems in order to replace older incompatible systems with common interoperable systems . The definition, specification and implementation of the ETCS is managed by the European Railway Agency (ERA) and associated partners and industry members.

All of these hardware safety systems require robust a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) platforms to allow applications to run in a safe and secure manner, as well as meeting safety standards defined by the railway industry in this case EN50128, which defines the requirements and guidelines for RTOS and application software. EN50129 defines the hardware requirements for the industry.

Operating System Protection for Safety Systems

SYSGO has been involved within the Aviation industry providing software certified to the highest standards of safety. SYSGO invested in a new RTOS to meet safety and security requirements for a wide range of vertical industries with a key goal, which was to be the European leader in safe and secure RTOS for safety systems.

PikeOS has been designed from the beginning to be certified as a safety critical product, using a hypervisor and separation microkernel for optimal safety protection for safety systems, PikeOS allows virtualization of partitions, through time and resource management with absolute control of memory and device resources between partition systems, but with secure and robust communication infrastructure to allow modern system deployment.

SAFe-VX - Turnkey-Ready Development Platform

Partitioning critical and non-critical application code in independent time and memory spaces: SYSGO and Kontron present SAFe-VX, a turnkey-ready developing suite, providing fully representive hardware and a complete toolchain for software development, which is integrated into the Eclipse-based IDE CODEO.

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Safe & Secure Virtualization

The PikeOS Hypervisor based separation microkernel provides virtualization, which is the key solution for safe and efficient integration of electronics in railway systems. PikeOS allows system designers to partition subsystems of varying criticalities into distinct virtual environments on a single hardware platform. The foundation of PikeOS is a small, certifiable separation micro-kernel, upon which a virtualization infrastructure provides the ability to house diverse resource and function needs into safe individual partitions. Especially, railway systems, which may include anything from non-critical graphic applications, time-critical measurement systems and safety-critical control functions,

PikeOS Hypervisor Partition Guest OS

The PikeOS Hypervisor separation microkernel provides a wide range of partition personalities including PikeOS native, PosIX, embedded Linux, ARINC 653, Ada, Android, OpenGL, Autosar, RTEMS...

Thanks to PikeOS Hypervisor separation technology, Linux applications and proprietary intellectual property can be divided into separate partitions, allowing Multiple levels of critical software to co-exist in the same software and hardware platforms, reducing systems costs, but more importantly implementing safety and securing through PikeOS Hypervisor technology.

PikeOS - Multicore Capabilities

PikeOS has already been certified using multicore processor architectures to the standards defined by EN50128 to SIL 4. SYSGO has a multicore strategy for safety certifiable software system across all industry verticals.

Why PikeOS?

The PikeOS Hypervisor has already been certified in several vertical industries to the highest standards. A key point about PikeOS Hypervisor is that there is only one PikeOS product supporting many certification standards and certified to the highest levels already.

EN 50128

Certified according to EN 50128

According to international regulations, railway systems must be certified to safety standards. PikeOS is the best certification solution for three reasons: small size, criticality partitioning, and unparalleled company support for the certification process. Because Pikeos is purpose-built to meet certification needs, its essential features comprise only about 10,000 lines of code.

The Pikeos partitioning concept makes it possible for applications of various levels of criticality to be certified for their individual required safety levels while running securely in parallel on the same hardware platform. Even more important for certification is a competent and reliable partner who does not leave you in a tight spot when it comes to documentation, requirements and tests.

For over 15 years SYSGO has been supporting our customers with our own resources, with engineers, with workshops and training, as well as with artifacts and provision of source code.


Why you should use PikeOS for Railway Systems

The contradiction between rapidly changing electronics and long life cycle of railway systems requires an intelligent and extensible system architecture that honors older legacy components while being open to easily adding components based on new architectures. the modularity and flexibility of Pikeos allows fast adaptation to new hardware or software and brings predictability to life cycle costs:

  • Extreme flexibility provides independence from suppliers in the choice of hardware and software:
    PikeOS supports a broad range of hardware architectures and software interfaces. Easily adapt to new requirements and incorporate legacy technology.
  • Virtualization reduces hardware costs:
    Multiple applications can run simultaneously on a single hardware platform.
  • Integrated safety reduces certification costs:
    Applications of various levels of criticality and security are safely separated from one another in distinct partitions and certified separately (i.e. mixing SIL 1 and SIL 3).
  • Partitioning allows a pragmatic Linux strategy:
    An integrated linux personality offers open source features like network, GUI or web server. Your own intellectual properties, real-time functions and safety-critical applications run in separate partitions.


PikeOS in Action: CBTC train control system

Samsung SDS employs PikeOS for CBTC, a wireless-based train control system that accurately detects the location of a train by position, speed, travel direction and braking distance, in real time via continuous two-way communication between ground and. this information enables wayside equipment to define the points on the line that must never be passed by the other trains on the same track. These points are communicated to make the trains automatically and continuously adjust their speed while maintaining safety and comfort requirements.

“We are very impressed by the innovative products SYSGO has in its portfolio, in particular their EN50128 certified RTOS PikeOS, which provides a safe and secure embedded virtualization solution perfectly suited to the new challenges the railway industry is facing.”

Erich Ruprecht, CEO, RDCS

More customers in Railway:

Deutsche Bahn, Kontron, Matisa, POSCO, Samsung


We take the Lead by continuous Research

Many research results from other industry are useful for the Railway industry as well. National governments and the EU support the transfer of results from the avionics or automotive sector with considerable research funding. SYSGO is a leading participant in major research projects, benefiting the industry while continually improving and expanding PikeOS, the sole European virtualization solution.

PikeOS software platform in the following Railway projects:


Industry Ecosystem and Collaboration

Railway projects use a wide range of software and hardware products. Flawless interaction between the components used is vital to the success of complex projects. For this reason, we have been working in close collaboration with the leading global Railway suppliers for many years now. We support a wide selection of hardware platforms with our software products and have developed interfaces for code generators and analysis tools which are constantly being expanded.

Our Railway eco system:

AbsInt, Adacore, Atego, Curtiss Wright, Esterel, Freescale, GE Fanuc, Kontron, Lauterbach, MEN, RDCS, Safe River, Symtavision, Systerel, TÜV SÜD, Vector Software


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