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Review: Embedded World 2023

Joe Richmond-Knight, FAE Technical Sales Team, talks about this year's Embedded World in Nuremberg and the SYSGO demonstrators we are highlighting.

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This year at Embedded World, SYSGO demonstrated the capabilities of PikeOS for Safety and Security, having announced a Common Criteria EAL 5+ certificate for the PikeOS separation kernel 5.1.3 in late 2022.
This means that PikeOS is now the number-one-choice for a certifiable, safe and secure operating system. 

Three platforms were demonstrated:

Thales showed their real-time gateway, a product that can be used to connect secure and unsecured data sources and networks, for filter-based bi-directional communication, utilising PikeOS at its core.
Next, Windows and Ubuntu on PikeOS demonstrated a mixed-criticality, mixed use case platform on Intel x86, now that we've achieved hardware virtualisation for Windows also.
And finally, SYSGO demonstrated a PRESAGIS VAPS XT ARINC 661 graphical solution on top of PikeOS on the NXP I.MX8 quadmax.
The quadmax is becoming a popular platform in Avionics for graphical and application-focused systems.

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