Windows® as PikeOS Guest OS

Supporting Intel hardware virtualization, PikeOS can seamlessly run an unmodified and fully functional Windows together with other guest operating systems on one single platform. 

The Best from two Worlds

Running a fully functional Windows on PikeOS in a secure partition can bring several use cases and benefits, particularly in environments where Security, reliability, and isolation are critical. The underlying technology provided by PikeOS makes it suitable for a wide range of critical embedded and IoT applications.

Mixed-Criticality Systems

In Aerospace, Automotive, or Industrial Automation applications, there may be a need to run both Safety-critical and non-Safety-critical applications on the same hardware platform. PikeOS can provide strict partitioning to ensure that the Safety-critical applications remain isolated from the non-Safety-critical ones, while still allowing the flexibility of running Windows for user interfaces or general-purpose computing tasks.

Secure Virtualization

PikeOS offers a secure Hypervisor that can host multiple guest operating systems that can be executed strictly isolated from each other. Running Windows in a virtualized environment on PikeOS allows for secure multi-tenancy, where different Windows instances can run on the same hardware platform without interfering with each other's operation or compromising Security.

Legacy Application Support

Many organizations have legacy Windows applications that they need to maintain or integrate with newer systems. By running Windows on PikeOS, these legacy applications can be hosted in a secure partition while still benefiting from the Security features and real-time capabilities of PikeOS.

Secure IoT Gateways

In IoT (Internet of Things) deployments, Edge devices often need to perform processing tasks, interface with sensors and actuators, and communicate with the Cloud or other network endpoints. By running Windows on PikeOS, these Edge devices can provide a familiar environment for developers to create applications, while PikeOS ensures that the system remains secure and reliable.

Secure Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are often targeted by cyber threats due to their critical role in manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure. By running Windows on PikeOS, ICS operators can benefit from the familiarity and flexibility of Windows for tasks such as HMI (Human Machine Interface) design or data analysis, while PikeOS ensures that the system remains secure and resilient to cyber attacks.


Exemplary Use Case: Secure Banking & Financial Systems

In the banking and financial sector, Security is paramount due to the sensitive nature of financial transactions and customer data. Running Windows on PikeOS can provide a secure platform for ATM machines, point-of-sale terminals, or banking applications, ensuring that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access or tampering.

Windows on PikeOS Demonstrator

Windows on PikeOS on an x86 Industrial PC

PikeOS utilizes Intel hardware virtualization to run Windows 10 and Ubuntu concurrently in isolated partitions. Both OSs communicate through VirtIO network.

Running a 4-dial application on each OS, external USB control impacts Windows 10's first 4 knobs, leaving the rest for Ubuntu.

Simultaneously pushing knobs 7 and 8 reboots Ubuntu without affecting Windows 10, allowing independent operation of both systems.

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System Architecture

Windows on PikeOS is executed on an x86 industrial PC, supporting hardware virtualization and ready for Safety and Security certification.

The demonstrator's architecture features partitions for Windows 10, Ubuntu, a PikeOS Native application, and additional software.

Windows handles USB MIDI conversion to UDP IP frames, transmitted via VirtIO, while Ubuntu receives and processes the frames.

PikeOS queuing ports ensure secure communication between partitions.

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Customer Benefits


VirtIO Networking

Enhanced networking compatibility for seamless communication between Windows and other guest OS such as Linux, while ensuring secure isolation in partitions


Graphical User Interface

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) functionalities with accelerated graphical performance in Windows applications running separately from PikeOS


Secure Windows Execution

Run Windows applications within a partition on PikeOS to establish a secure boundary, preserving system integrity. PikeOS is certified to the Common Criteria EAL 5+ standard and guarantees robust Security measures.


Secure System Protection

Advanced Security measures ensure peace of mind by safeguarding against unauthorized access from Windows to PikeOS/Hypervisor, maintaining the integrity and Security of the system environment.


Ready for Safety Certification

Ensured independent operation of Windows partitions on PikeOS, enabling for Safety certification to enhance the overall system reliability in various industrial applications and use cases


Hardware Consolidation

Optimized industrial PC x86 resources via hardware consolidation, enhancing system performance through powerful resource utilization

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