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Do modern Multi-Core Systems meet the Requirements of ISO 26262?

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Winfried Schröder from Vector Software talking about the joint webcast with SYSGO:

What a fantastic and informative webcast about the use of multi-core CPU’s in safety-critical environments in ISO 26262 projects from Chris Berg and Ingo Nickles. The subject area was limited to automotive but a look at the overwhelming number of participants showed me that the topic is of interest in all industries. In addition to automotive, there were participants from the avionics, industrial automation, medical, railway and other business critical areas. Participants were not only from Europe, but also from USA, China, Australia, Singapore, etc.

The great interest and many questions afterwards show us that the topic is hot and for interest to all standards of the functional safety. Software-testing on these systems is essential for the certification and Ingo Nickles has shown how easy it can be done.

I have seen multi-core CPU’s rather in the consumer area and in non-critical areas. Of course, I recognize the performance and cost advantages, but I thought that the certification authorities don’t accept this technology. I have to say I was wrong. Multi-Core is accepted everywhere. Apparently, the world is changing and SYSGO has a secure solution for all industries with their PikeOS.

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